my birthday cake.

awwwwwww......birthday's celebration was wonderfull. =D
mum sent me a card and a crystal bracelet...sad thing is haven reach...

on the 24th nov, had a girl's night's out.

dine outside with my fellow mates. ;)

love them.
thanks girls. for everything n the lovely cake. =]

love my birthday.

i looked drunk =S

i did it myself ~ =P

went to island cafe.
ordered tom yam seafood...and my drink...wat's the name edi ah...sumting called sunrise la...
watever it is...it taste nice...xD

it's been a long time since we last gang up together...

me,sze,looi,pf,audrey,bok,pui mun...
weird uncles lookin n starin tis way....felt like cucuk their eyes...==''

after dinner went to looi's house to sing k....then stayed till my birthday reaches...xD

passed 12....around 12 something head home...didn't get scolding ~ yippee !

my drink n sze's drink.


wow ! such a long bill... =X

Total : RM125.

sze put in the candles. xD

beautiful isn't it ? xD

the left overs that i bought back...

indeed it was a happy birthday.

gift frm bok.

sze add in the love...xD

everything's love. just like me, in LOVE.

me n ying ying.

take in mirror ...passed 12 midnight ! =X

twisted lips bunny ?

act cute ? xD


smile babe.

put on our weirdest face... =X

hanging around.

we just love takin pics.

bluek. =P

25th nov.

didn't get to see him...T^T

spent my day sleepin till kinda late...

then ? online oni.... =S
recieved lotsa wishes...just signed in and reply all those comments...

there goes my birthday ~ bye bye ! =|

i love today =3

26th nov.
tis year's sweet 16 is special. he's here with me =D
woke up early in the mornin to dress up myself...wanna look best in front of him =P
tat day, we really eat till the FULLEST.
he fetched me to De Pastry Chef to have our breakfast.
i received gifts he prepared...
a soft toy bear....awww....so cushy...xD

on the bear was a necklace...he helped me to put on later...

then we went to 1 U to watch movie --- 2012. kinda nice :)

he planned to buy 12 p.m. ticket but the ticket time he got was 2.45 p.m.
since the seats were full.
the free time ? hmmm...we walked around mostly...
went to popular...read some books...

then went to the christmas fair and looked around...full of soft toys ! xD
after tat we went to EAT AGAIN =X ( i'm definitely turnin fatter.... )
went to Pasta Zanmai since Zanmai was full...

he wanna let me have sushi for lunch...but he thought Pasta Zanmai has sushi...xD
went to the wrong place...oni got pasta...but it's ok....i just wanna be with him...=P
awesome day.
to my surprise, i have another gift awaiting me.
it's an artwork of his...how wonderful n lovely. =3
he drew a bear pic and frammed it up...sprinkles of gold n silver is on frame.
at night, he fetched me to Desa Park City.

ate dinner at Secret Recipe... :)
so full....
he sang me a birthday song n we had blueberry cheese cake...
had tom yam spaghetti n he had lasagna... then we went to walk around at Desa Park...
look around the lake...took some pics...
then we went to the playground near by n played like kids...=X
keke =P
it was fun though...xD

properly dressed up. waitin him ^^V

close my eyes, hopin to see u in dreams.

dreams come true.

i'm missing u already.

my secret romance.

he candid me ! =X

De Pastry Chef.

my drink.

contra...mine's so small...xD

breakfast edi so full. xD

his gift, loveable ! =]

his gift....it's on the bear.

my cushy comfy bear ;)

he's carryin my bag for me. at cinema...buyin ticket time. xD

found tis book at popular by coincedence. cute title.

the title of the book. suits my condition now. ;)

OMG ! he forced me to wear tis....T^T

i just love him. =D

smile because there's him in my life.

dun choi me... =\ keke...kiddin...

amazingly in love.

another pic together :)

he's my best gift ;)

bluek ~

awwww....how cute....xD

bears ! xD

i arranged them in line...xD

plush toys.

cute stuff.

haha....experimenting on christmas fair stuff...xD

the penguin looked so cute...comfy...=P

porcupine spit out tissue...second version of spiderman...xD

flying duck ! xD

the menu.

pasta zanmai.

it's us again ~

cam whorin.

wearin the necklace he gave me. :)

the tea tat we oni managed to drink a little...can't finish up...xD

smilin non stop tat day... =]

chubby face.

readin while waitin. xD

simply take.

i love u.

take take take.

picha non stop =P

stare n snap.

love being by his side =3

chik chiak.

yummy yummy pasta. =P

our movie tickets.

candid him while he drives.


bright day. bright sun. bright me.

good citizens buckle up just like me. =P

his second gift really taken me by surprise.

eat at secret recipe. :)

zhi lian-ing.


smiling whole day.

haha....he playing around with the table....cuz can turn around...xD

he ordered me bluberry cheese cake.

puttin the candle.

lighting up the candle on my cake.

he sang me a birthday song n bought me a cake. =P

my birthday cake :)

his lasagna.

my tom yam spaghetti.

he took tis.

is he feedin me ? or trying to poke me...xD

eatin cake.

yummy !

wanna have some ? xD


his shadow.

the lake.

oops....forgot to on night mode...

at desa park.

blurred image.

muacks !

spider woman ? xD

not yet ready.

before leavin...at toilet.

his presents for the day. =]

27th nov.

celebrate with jie,cui n him ... ;)
received a very nice watch frm cui...thx babe ! :D
ate breakfast at Dragon-i restaurant...
had some si chuan mee...
and xiu lung bao.... =D yummy ~
i liked their iced lemon tea though...very nice ;)

walked around curve....
and i got my ears pierced with cui ! =P
took some pics...but went back early cuz need to go PD with cousin's family.

gift frm cui :)

lovely watch frm cui.

at Dragon-i

xiao lung bao.

si chuan mee.

my iced lemon tea... love it.

taken by him.

taken by me.

remind me of farm ville game... xD


the side view of it.

ahhh.....i looked hideous...

christmas tree.

nice rite.

cupid !! i kena love arrow edi...xD

the angelic host proclaim.

how charming.

me n han.

he's helpin me to take stuff...xD

standing by my prince charming.

me n my babe.

cui n me got pierced together.

ngam ngam pierce oni....tats y got so red....

i got my ears pierced :)

whoops...my transparent lens tore.

cousins gave as present.