i've totally forgotten when's the last time i'd updated a post. that should be like near a month isn't it...
i don't know why...blogging fever is just suddenly. "zap" !!
away from my life. LOL.
ok la, i admit. i m lazy. and i got seni project to rush on. :S
this is just some random post. cuz for what i actually wanted to post, I've FORGOTTEN.
how amazing.
first time having such a horrible cramp in school. period cramps i tink.
damn. i can't even walk properly and nearly fell down. luckily i manage to sat on the chair nearby instead of falling onto the floor. ouch. that must hurt.
was sent to bilik rawatan. but the pain was just unbearable that i can't sleep.
skipped tuition. *guilty
but i really can't move. i was on bed for quite some time. but i just can't sleep with that pain.
luckily, i was too tired. i manage to get some rest.
till now, it still hurts. :'( *sobs
i even broke into cold sweats when i reached home. i looked kinda pale. cuz my lips looks....DESATURATED ?

rushing on to finish off my seni project currently. i've been doing it for weeks with my sweetheart.
thank you dear for helping me so much :) love u !
just because of one stupid 2010 i got the whole sticker thing wrong. damn ! have to redo everything.
otherwise, i would've done by now. :S
school's having korperasi week means FOOD ! gosh, i spent 7 bucks on food just in a day. A DAY :S
and of course, i gained like 3 KG ?!
damn. gotta get back my normal weight. i'mma getting fat. :(
gtg. dun wanna write so much. hands aso lemah long-lai edi.

today was deliberately just cute.
dear told me bout his plan before this at restaurant....the plan that i typically ruined without realizing :X
he actually planned to ask sze to help him buy the wallet i bought and give it back to me as a present
*the wallet which i really liked
F.Y.I, i am selling wallets, pouch n bags recently.
those who are interested can visit my facebook album. thank u.
ok, back to topic.
and being the innocent and ignorant me. :X i din realize that.
i was gonna sell sze my wallet first and get myself another one later...
i told her if she wants mine, i will order from supplier another new one...
so, lol. now u noe how i manage to ruin the whole thing.
so that's what they're laughing and planning behind my back all about huh ? :P

after fetching sze to bank in stuff....we went for breakfast and then they headed for cc.
game of the day : L4D2. *them, not me.
but my first time still gave them...i finally online at cc...whoops. :X
nah, takkan wan me see them play oni rite....actually i can la...but kinda waste time la...so i surf the net instead.
logged in facebook to make some final changes on the goods sold.
gosh....typing the same thing around and around again just changing one or two words is killing me...
darn tiring and at the same time annoying :S
then not to mention all those copy paste. goodness sake.
by the time they finished their game i still haven finish yet... :S so i guess u can imagine the work load i had.
afternoon time, i kinda mistaken as the eggs being cooked by han's sis was spaghetti... too far mah :X
can't see clearly...sorry. :(
han made me peanut butter bread and cooked fishballs for me. thank u dear !! :D

so, do member !! if anyone's finding bags, wallets or even pouch can find me !! :P
star of the day :D

typically sorry for my blog for not updating. :X
i'd been really lazy recently.
as i'd written in my past post. anniversary was indeed a disaster.
but he promised to make it up for me. let's just hope he don't break his promise again.
i "knitted" him something. it's not really knitting after all....just can't find the right words.
one for me the other for him. :)
exam was so stressful that i went to shop with cui to buy food. sushi n chocs especially !!
oh gosh...all fattening stuff :X

random pic. :) wrote this myself :P

my gift for him :) one for him, one for me.

learn this from cui :) for dear dear.

each one can get one :P

exam too stress. needs all these. yummy !!

on anniversary had sushi again as well...i'm getting a little sick of it now :\
stayed back specially for him to learn how to fold money into love shape frm emily.
luckily didn't miss uncle's car at last...or i will have to walk under the super hot sun...u know la...weather nowadays were horrible.
got him a leather wallet and hoped that he'll like it :)
i guess it would be the first time ever i wrapped up present till so nice....i mean outside only la...
once opened up can see all kind of flaws.
went to watch prince of persia with him...and eventually the movie was awesome !!
must watch...
now i realized that i wanna watch lotsa new movies !! :X
then accompanied him and his family to temple at KL.
which turned out to be TRAFFIC JAM. :S
peak hours ? perhaps.
darn. we're stuck like...NOT MOVING AT ALL in the middle of the road for an hour plus.

anniversary food.

sushi frenzy !! :P

wrapped this up for darling. :)

back view.

first time wrapping gift so nicely :P

outer layer bag.

dear dear's geh present :D

tada !! see what mess i created on the bed while wrapping present. :P

my friend was trying to cheer me up when me n dear dear argued before this....so drew me this.

i was starving. and we're late to dinner.
but his dad bought me something to eat... pancake ? whatever it is....i'd no idea what it really named after.
grateful and thank you :D
Had barbecue and steamboat at QQ.
great times together with friends. enjoyed laughing like mad... :)
ate a lot. but cooked little. :X whoops.
sze terbalik....cook for me !! i mean...US. :P wakakakakka !! thank u !!
everyone was too full then that we'll have to eat the cake the next day. xD
looi got too into her tortoise jelly... then influenced us to go eat... han went to take a half cat n bear looking jelly....made us argue on what it was... then han just poke the jelly's eyes...now we can't differentiate anymore isn't it ? xD
and of course, pui mun did create a mess later....whole table too smokey till we have to hide somewhere else instead... and the out come was....HAM HANGUS :X
then when han cut cake he was doing it slowly....in a slow motion manner so that i can take pic of him...but actually i was recording...and the whole process n conversation made us laugh.

dear's present.

bought leather wallet for dear's b'day. wanted to choose a better looking one...but dirty edi...no stock left. so took this instead.

in the wallet. specially learnt this from emily :D hearts linked together ;)

special thanks to emily !! :D

just arrived. cooking time !! :P

looi seemed so happy :P

our chef, pui mun made the condition ... SMOKEY ? xD

haha...dear dear gave me a cute reaction. xD

me n birthday boy :P

looi with her....TORTOISE JELLY :P

dear poked the jelly's eye...so no one knew what it was at last...xD

criminal !! xD

gather around.

dear stabbing the cake. xD

cut properly la.

proper way of cutting :D

present from all of them.

wrote this in card. :)

Fri, 4th June 2010.
went Jusco to buy stuff to make cards with sze earlier.
and their workers was basically firting with u. ewww.
don't they realize i can report them ?? :S
end up making cards till 3 something in the morning n woke up at 6...what's worse ? i can't sleep after i finished the cards...cuz stayed up too long edi....
the next day, how tired n sleepy.
they better appreciate my cards !!
Teacher's Day madness.
sketch was awesome.
teachers dressed up as students and act...how cute !! :D
the best Teacher's Day ever.
and there comes tze wei in wig and dancing hip hop.
gosh...if only she was a girl.
because i tink he'll have fans !!! xD
friends got their eye brow shaved away by make up artist...*not all but still, WEIRD without make up.
major difference.
how unprofessional. didn't even ask...pity them....
rach's singing was splendid !! :D
anyway, that day everything was basically awesome.

different designs.

the glitter nearly destroy my card D:

nice ??

for class teacher :)

"t" for teacher's day, for thank you and finally for Pn.Thillai ~

another round off mass that took me some time to clean up before sleep :(

sze did the other three cards.

me n kar yee got bunga telur from teacher.
for helping her take some really heavy box to her car.

eggie !! i shall eat u :P

in cheerful mode....so made a colourful card for Ms.Lee.

tada !!

Sun, 7th June 2010.

went to jusco buy food.
got some canned food, junks, ice-cream, and maggi :X
i left my bytes uneaten :\
watched anacondas.
supposingly was our make up anniversary celebration. but, dear sick edi :(
let him rest.
made me so worried :(
u ah...take care ah !! see la...play too much com edi...now headache liao la... :\

shoes gonna tear soon. so went pasar malam alone n buy shoes. walked home alone...so scary ah... :(
bought new bag too... sure kena ngam edi :X
then did nail art myself too :D

new bag. :D

i think i've finally found the use of my key chain... :D
can put on my new bag. :) wouldn't be weird rite ?? D:

my new shoes....ok mou ??
supposingly more expensive but the person say wrong price...so can get cheaper a bit. :P

drew the pattern on myself :)

time for nail art !! :D

nice ?? :)

got too bored today...thought off putting on a dramatic look that i've never tried before.

love the lash :D

nice ? :D

she's one of a kind.

Life is dramatic. So am I. :)