Surprise !! surprise !!
it's a specially planned Karina's party.
shhhhh...lets keep it a secret ;)
oh well, sad that cui cant join us though.
it's just a few of us....quietly behind all these.

organizer : Mandy.
target : Karina
participant : me, looi, audrey n din :)


went ahead to mandy's house earlier to prepare stuff like banners.
mandy painted some wordings earlier. we just hang them around. decorating. n yeap, blew balloons for the game later.
each of us were suppose to make a video for karina. n i was tricked into giving such a LONG SPEECH. xD

tying balloons.


banners to be.

it's sweet.

we love you :)

blowing balloons.

looi blow !! jia you !! xD

seemed difficult to drey... xD

photo taking session. xD

mandy's gift.

n yea, we wrote letters. long ones again.
and we held these letters with heart shaped clips ( which are really adorable ) on ribbon.
we had baskin robbins ice-cream cake. DELI-CIOUS ~
my first time having their cake. it's kinda small in size for such a expensive price though. :O
then yeap, we held our gifts n HIDE !!
Karina was so surprised by all these. Didn't expect a single thing like this. xD
we're suppose to shout "surprise" n come out of our hiding place upon hearing our signal but....
drey n looi still continued hiding. which made things funny !
mandy just hit the mirror sliding door hard asking them to come out n leaving A PALM MARK there. totally LOL.
i made her a gift n card. which is kinda last minute cuz i was informed quite late. :X
ordered pizza. ate till we're freaking full n terus play game.
lol. luckily didn't get appendix.
we tied balloons using ribbon around our legs. n yeap. attack each other's balloon.
i m the final survivor. :D
but ouch, i was chased like mad.
have to run to survive from din n LOOI.
we took pics n then played truth or dare.
here's the killing part. u must be there to feel the "funny-ness."

letters for eu !! oops. i saw mine :P

Baskin Robbins Cake.

delicious ice-cream cake ! :D

hand made gift.

hope u dun mind :X

view of banner taken from inside the house.

how's my idea ? :D

isn't it amazingly brilliant ? :)

touched ? :P

whoops. it turned away.

there you are.

ta dah !

1300882525. here comes ---- pizza hut delivery ;)

time to check out the presents. xD

so happy looking.

we shall all MAKAN :D
oops. mandy nearly forgotten about her sis portion.

there's din's hand. audrey's hair covered face n looi checking out food. xD

from finger-licking good to knife-licking good ? xD

quite true huh ? xD

it's BR ! ♥

Games Time !

balloon tying session.

there's drey :)

watch out those grass. they burst balloon too !!

love this pic. mandy... send me !!

mandy was suppose to go down n switch off her aunt's tv while saying " watch till very fun hor ?"
lol. if really said that. i think she cant survive in that house anymore. xD
din was the worse. he was suppose to go down to mandy's dad telling him :
(first choice) : "Yo uncle ! i like ur style !"
wakakakakakkaka...he practiced infront of us. damn hilarious. but i prefer the second choice version. sadly, he picked the first one instead but still....F*cking FUNNY !
(second choice) : *whistle "Uncle, u think i very cute ah ?" *put peace sign .
lol. can u imagine Din doin that ?? i laughed my heart out because of what he did.
we played Tumblin' Monkeys game too. and the one who lost were AUDREY n DIN !! of course them. xD
punishment time !! :P
audrey's hair was styled by us. horribly. xD

my ribbon. after the ballon burst.

don't lah hide.

everyone resting after game.

time to cam whore.

me n looi.

me n mandy.

hahahhaha....all their expressions super cute !

me n karina. *argh ! the flash.

darn it. my smile looked kaku edi. :\

me n karina :)

look at looi. xD

see ! she puts the love clip ! xD

Din trying to squeeze out the air from the balloon.

look at audrey ! xD

Din hair styling Drey.

Let's play with drey's hair. :P

this is audrey.

she's hiding.

caught ya ! :P she's sooo gonna kill me :S

boo !

such a nice hair style rite ? :P

it made us all laughing.

looi participate in the styling session too ! xD

cheating ! she took away her "punishment" :O

oops. flash.

before we leave.

Drey....just cooperate with us !!

looi's bro drove us home later from max value. bought some japanese food ! me gonna cook !! ok la....maybe not counted i cook, but at least is counted i prepare. xD
Japanese Curry here i come ! :D