seriously, i felt horrid.
did i just abandoned my blog for months ? *guilty
i think all my readers have left me then :X
looi has been complaining to me for not updating. 
but i really don't feel like blogging ever since i had been admitted into hospital.
now, let me warn u. this post is gonna be a very long post. 
so, open ur eyes wide and read on if u wanna noe what happened to me.

16th Dec 2010.

currently, disaster befall me. yea, i meant DISASTER.
mummy gave me a call. i am going to move to Kajang PERMANENTLY. i felt lost. confused. 
all my plans just shattered.
it's like WTF ?! all my friends, close ones are all here. that includes my boyfriend.
am i not going to get to see them like ever again ?
i cried. tears just came rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably.
yes, i finally get to leave my babysitter's place. the ONLY thing to be glad about.
but this also meant leaving my friends. ouch, that hurts me. A LOT.
like i m gonna move to a stranger's place ? a brand new environment ? would i adapt well ?
questions blast into my mind buzzing around me.
my family went into debt. let's say it's quite a big amount one.
mum can't find the money to pay back cuz previously she lost her job.
then now, my grandpa is admitted into hospital. mummy has to pay for the medical fees. not to mention it's a private hospital. a greater amount that would be burden on now. i felt to f*cked up !
seriously felt like banging the wall or just hang up. why ?! why everyone would just burden us like that ?!
what the hell we did to u ?!
i dunno how to drive. dunno their roads there. oh my.
what about college ?
probably will heed my cousin's advice and stay in the hostel.
i suddenly felt the burdens on my shoulder gain. i felt..i dunno. grown up ?
now that i have to really be self-disciplined. i must learn to save money. learn to organize time.
DISCIPLINE is the word.
maybe work during weekends to gain extra income. wow. just by plain thinking bout it. i felt dizzy.
do i even have time for myself then ? :S i wonder.
will let u guys noe when i really decided what to do.

14th Dec 2010. 

Genting trip with sweetheart.
i guess, so far this was the only joyous event for me this month :S
after my last paper on the 13th Dec, my arts, i went to dye my hair for the next day trip.
i have no idea why my hair colour turn out brighter above and dull below. 
but now, mystery solved. it's just a misunderstand. i redye some of my hair to make it more balance.
i was excited. and really happy. this was my first trip with him to genting. :D
lol. we even saw our school teacher. 
took bus from 1U then took skyway up.
that day was really misty and yeap, freezing cold. we can turn into popsicle.
the mist around was thick. really can't see a thing while u're in the cable car. look around and i felt as if i was in the middle of clouds. lol.
going back with it was a little scary. cuz it stopped and hang in the middle of the air twice ! :O
i dun wanna be like the movie "Frozen". :S
scary. luckily we still manage to get down safely. :)
i remembered that the last time i went wasn't this cold. it's warm. really, u can even wear spaghetti strap and feel warm.
everytime the wind blew, i felt like dying. it's like it can pass through ur jeans. it gives me goosebumps.
felt so gratefull that dear pass me his jacket but at the same time guilty cuz he have to suffer the coldness. :(
food there was nonetheless expensive.
so i recommend u guys to eat at old town next time. at least they just made the price a little higher than the normal price.
decorations there were bringing out "go green" theme. environment friendly. 
using the 3R. they used plastic creatively. making into dears, christmas trees and stuff.
stunningly beautiful. :)
we "threw money into the ocean" by playing their games there. lol. just for the sake of fun and experience.
we played most of the things that we wanted, which i take it as a good sign :)
now i learnt that my new fav drink would be honey lemon but hot ones. delicious :P
i even had a special encounter. while we're walking around the parks. there's this family of tourist that required a picture with me. LOL.
they thought i weren't a Malaysian. just because i dyed my hair and had some make up. lol. i can go around to cheat ppl now. ;)

dear checking ticket. :O

our bus to destination :)

crowded with ppl waitin bus.

says "Go Genting !"

hold me like this, forver. :)

my sweetheart.


this is known as cable car ? or skyway. whichever ~

smile and look here.

my turn. cheese ! :D

we're high up away from land. :O

turning foggy. can't see a thing. let's sing ! " i believe i can fly...i believe i can touch the sky..."

suddenly it emerges out.

everything seems whitish around me.

act like him ! :P

driving a "car". still foggy.

whoops. we're left behind. :X

him driving :D

drive through fast ! water splashing.

camwhore. :)

us :D

parrot's lane. scary with them walking around FREELY.

so evil.

attack !

my turn ! choke u to death !

dinosaur attack.

when it's misty like this, they do seemed real though :X

hanging bridge.

another attacking dinosaur.

poser :P

why must i look so horrid... :(

nostalgic moments.

wrong direction la darling.

childhood memories.

swing ~

hair seemed damp.


lotsa ppl here.

me n dear dear.

pirate ship.

dear smiling :P


too dark here :X


ought to be environmental friendly.

bun up hair.

awww. the place me, mich cui used to go....closed.


pic session in garden


greenish environment is what we want for our next generation rite ? stop the pollution ! :)

i wasn't ready :X

i love him :)



failed badly, spotted by han.

fishes :)

it's so windy.

why this face ? :O

train tour.

i will certainly miss that day :)

telephone booth ! i thought it's just for display :X

the fact is, it's usable !

i have no idea that ppl can go in and eat... till this year :S

these are changed from real money... money no more now :O

lol ! look at the blur head :P

 look up :D

dinner time. :) hot honey lemon is delicious ;)

obvious enough, we're at old town.

darling eating nasi lemak :) 

time to sit back, relax and enjoy :D

our tickets :)

25th Nov 2010.

it's history paper but yeap, it's my birthday too ! :)
i can't believe it. we still have lotsa papers to go but we still went out to celebrate for a little while.
i have to say. i m really grateful towards my friends.
a big thank u : chun han, sze yan, hsuet yee, pei fern, audrey and bok for being there for me.
love the cards and the gifts and surprises :)
i was really shocked when han wrapped up himself in wrapping papers. i was really joking with him previously. xD
didn't knew he took it seriously.
we went to pizza and ate like hungry ghost. all starving xD
mummy sent me a Dior perfume, two necklaces and a card. yes!adding another perfume into my perfume collection :)
though two of the christmas cards went missing :S

warning ! more weird expressions will be found below :P

cui still eating !

very difficult to get a shot of pei fern.

what's looi laughing about ?

covers. *hide !

lol. suddenly angry face. xD

hahahaha...cute betul la ! xD

pizza hut ~ :D

why that face ? D:

take again ! peace :D

bestie :)

u ppl better stop hiding ur face ! :\

lol. my present. believe it or not. xD

i can't believe he really did this.



open present :D

and found him :P

my card !


my birthday celebration :)

cut the cake :)

looi's gonna divide for us :P

han looks like a waiter now. :P

lotsa laughter going on.

my cake :)

the ballerina show.

magic ! xD

now sze's turn to tie a bow on her head. xD

what a mess we created. :X

what's so funny ? it's the topic of bee hoon n kuey teow that drove us crazy. xD

group pic time :)

present from pf n sze.




b'day card from mummy.

necklace mummy bought :)

12th Nov 2010.

it's graduation !
i really have no idea why that day i took very few pics with friends :S
sad case rite. 
cuz this year photo session was very short :(
sze baked us cake :) and we all grab for food ~
miss tang gave us free kit kat asking us to not stress out ourselves and take a break. but i doubt that anyone would take a break. :|
she even gave back us our journal. i feel so funny. lol. looking back at it gives back me awesome memories. things that i don't even member happened.
i felt kinds childish too. for what i wrote. i really doubt that i would write something like that once.
i doodled a lot in that journal. cartoonish pic around. xD even mandy finds it cute and took picture. LOL.
what can i say ? i will really miss all of you :)

loo loo so lazy ! xD

last time walkin out from this class. :X

from first row (from left) : me, my "sis", my "mum".
second row : my "uncles".
lol. learnt this from ping. xD

we're all crazy. but we loved each other. :)

sze baked us some cake :) 

our hall arrangement.

30th Oct 2010.

went to Art Expo M'sia 2010 with han, his dad and his father.
i found the second version of mona lisa there named MOANA LISA. lol. 
paintings that looked awesome to the max. but i only took very little pic with my cacated phone cam.
pics will do the talking for me :)


15th Oct 2010.

suspected denggi. i was having fever. it's gone n back again. i saw tiny red dots on my legs.
and not long after that i was hospitalized for a week in Tawakal Hospital :(
i was surprised that my doc was a chinese converted into malay. cuz when the nurse told me his name was Dr. Noor Hisham or something i went blank. isn't he a CHINESE. lol. 
first few days was horrible. i lost weight and had no appetite. the food just ewww. no matter how tasty it might be.
freinds and relatives visited me. i felt glad and grateful. thank u to those who came to see me.
had lotsa fruits during that weel. i was put on drips. very troublesome. especially when i have to keep going toilet. argh. worse, they put on my right hand. now my left hand have to do all the work.
but once my right hand became swollen. my left hand was being put on drips. aiks ! poke both hands :'(
till now i still can see those marks. everyday my blood was taken for blood test. if i was not mistaken my hand edi kena cucuk 13 times by the nurse. ouch ! blue black here n there.

my first jab. :(

this thing that i have to drag along with me wherever i go is troublesome to the max :S

i moved around and guess what ? the blood of mine came out. and yikes ! this freaks the hell out of me.
really scared that would kena marah from the nurse of something cuz my blood even kena the bed. have to press bell to call her but was afraid. so, i walked out to see her instead. and when she sees me, oh well, u can imagine her expression. terrified ! cuz quite a lot of blood came out :S

hurray, the blood went back in my blood vessel. a good sign i presume. i can feel the water pushing it back in. xD

oh, i even have menu for food! :O

i find these cute :D

his boaster became mine now ! :P

using closet to become a table for laptop. LOL. creative or what ? xD

the marks became clearer.

 this is what happen to my left hand after the right hand bengkak ! ouch. both hands kena :S

oh, i have an ID number ! :O

card from friends :)

10th Sept 2010.

my trip with han to sunway lagoon :)
yipee. loves it. that day was awesome. wasn't too sunny. a bit cloudy. but not much of raining. just a little drizzle.
but i forgot to apply sunblock and got a little sunburn.
but overall, it's nice :)

ready to get goin :)

haha. look at him :P

filled with ppl :)

hell expensive food n drinks. :S

our locker :)

me in his clothes ! :P

ignore my fish face :S

they took a pic of us :D

road directories.

jump in ! :P

we didn't get to play this though. :|

i remember this ! it's a leopard cat :)

haha. emo like the pic pulak. xD

they're so cute ! 

they stayed in this position for quite some time. 

awww. a family ? :)

this one is digging n hiding.

spotted ! :P

what are they again ? chipmunks or squirrels. i think squirrels.

freaking long black tailed squirrel.

seriously, i didn't even notice there's a crocodile there at first.

the second croc. hiding ?

and now i spotted the third one. but all of them were quite small in size actually.

those gates behind really reminds me of Jurassic Park. we should act like we're freaked out too :D

majestic huh ?

poser again :P

this one is creepy. it just stares like that for a very very long time. and i meant VERY.

this fella behind me is staring at the eagle as it stares back. lol. i wonder is it actually a machine.

i think this butterfly was injured. it didn't fly. ppl even put on their hands and video cam it.

is it dead or alive ? :S

awww. swan ! :)

peacock ! :D

time for food :)

i think this would be my first time seeing a tapir in real life :O

when i saw these leopard.... 

i saw this kid with his leopard plushie ! xD

lol ! what's this ? the sceen from the movie of Tarzan ? xD

such an emo poser. xD freaking long hands. :O

final pic before my phone ran out of battery that day. regretted for not charging my phone :(