hmmmm....not too much of hype mood today...
went out tis mornin tis mornin to find han to fetch me to ms.lee...
n i didn't realize that he was at home all this while...ugh ! n i nearly LATE...which is wat i m ought to be afraid of. =X
cuz he actually planned the time properly so he came straight from home... n what he didn't knew was that he will be stucked in the middle of the road cuz there would be traffic jam in the next few minutes ahead of him.
phew, i arrived just in time...she just started a bit on her lesson...luckily she haven't lock up the door...cuz she say she definitely will do so as last week's student came in late n disturbed her class...
kinda embarrassed before i went to ms.lee's class cuz as i reached below han's office there...i saw han's mum n sis...or should i rephrase it as...THEY SAW ME TOO... =X
oh no ! too late to hide...*nah, actually it's nth even if they saw me...just tat i dun feel like lettin them see xD
she said to me : " find ah han ah ?? so early ??? " ( ok, the word early increased the embarrassement )
me : uh...no...go tuition...
han's mum : oh...ask han fetch u to tuition is it...?
me : yea *softly...heads down (pai seh leh)
then she went to the stairs of the office to look for her son's shoes (which apparently, NOT THERE cuz he's still at home)
han's mum : he's not here wor...u call him n see...
n they left after i made the call....
yea, i made the call n dashed off as fast as lightning.... =X
n we sped *i meant he drove real fast ! to ms.lee's place later...i felt bad for him...felt like he have to rush here n there for me... :(
sorry for causing so much inconvenience !

new slipper ~ :)

after class, went to the nearest place for movie ---- Jusco.
Avatar or Treasure Hunter ?
we shall watch Avatar some other time on comp together....
chose Treasure Hunter since he watched Avatar and since there isn't any Zombie Land showing...
There's just so many movies that i felt like watching : Iron Man 2 ! Alice In The Wonderland ! Tooth Fairy ! The Spy Next Door ! The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus !
ugh ! movies fever ~
sat at couple seat...FOR THE FIRST TIME ;)
the movie was not as nice as i expected it to be...
erm....but still got some funny scenes la...
sad enough...in my P.O.V, the female lead's acting skills was : sorry to say, HORRID. =X *ignore me if u dun like that statement.
and i bought a new pair of slippers there...cuz the old one looked real cacated edi.
so, on the spot buy n throw ~
so if u sees an old pair of black slipper at Kepong's Jusco...that would probably be mine...=X
tomorrow's gonna be new year eve ! we're gonna dine at TGI but since they say booked less one place i aso dunno how are we gonna sit....maybe pull over a chair will work..if they let us to do so...
i'm sooooooooo lookin forward towards tomorrow's arrival.
oh ya ! i just on cam with mum today...sadly, when my mic doesn't work...i can hear her clearly...now my mic worked ! but i can't hear her clearly....her mic got prob ?
n i realized that my mum's BM was sooooooo cute ! ahhahahaha !
pakai can say as bakai...cute-nya ~ xD
she wanna say sumting...but i just cant hear her...cuz the sound is just too difficult to guess wat she's tryin to say...
she said i looked beautiful in the dress that i wore to han's sis wedding...but behind i cant hear wat she's saying edi...and i guess it would be sumtin to do with the pics i posted ( kissing ones =X ) whoops ! *i guess la...
but i heard she said nvr mind later...guess i will have to ask her wat's it about next time...
n as for my phone...she's gonna send it next week :)
great ! cuz i've been going near a crazy status using cui's phone...xD

our tickets :)

i repainted it again with gold to match the dress i'm gonna wear tomorrow :)

this is the name i got for him...but still not sure yet ...gonna reconfirm first. ;)
Amy Lai presents : Zachary Yong.
for short, u can call him Zac.
haha...how does it sounds ? well, somehow, i liked the name though...
comments ?
(his family) Jeff,Bernard,Lilian,Rachel,Grace,Cherie...n now Zachary ~
last choice's still with him...he still can choose :)

guess wat ?
i haven't watch iron man... =X
and i just watched today...n haven finish yet ! argh, watch till can't stop edi have to head home pulak...=S
so...HAVE TO make myself stop watchin T^T
tomorrow continue with han ! hmph...i sure can finish tis time...
semakin malas to jog nowadays...i think my diet plan failed badly... :(

went midvalley with han :)
"shun bian" visit sze, pf, n pui mun.
planned to watch treasure hunter at first....sadly enough...freaking lotsa ppl queued up to buy tickets...so we din manage to get ours...
went to red box sing k instead...
*sore throat
we thought pf n sze's edi workin...we went to their shop n found out they're not there...so walked there for NOTHING...xD
later we went in AGAIN...and sze n pf can't see us...though we're there like ages ago staring at them...xD
haha ! we managed to surprise them though...xD
and spent some time at mph or popular ? crap...i 4got...but either one la...
haha ! we read leh...gud boy n gud girl leh....=P
nth much happened...n din bring till my cam to take pics...ugh ! nvr mind...next time... ='(
here's some pics i took in the mornin....forgive my full-of-myself attitude. i just love me :P
new year's eve gatherin gonna reach...dunno dress code yet...but i wanted dress though...cuz i have a dress that's been ignored for ages n wore for once oni...wanna wear it again...if not like wasted. =S

the gift i prepared for him.

tada ! i did this ~

horrid me.

loves to tie my hair like tis recently...dunno why...xD

=O my camera pouch.

some kind of advertising ? xD

lurves it. ;)

awww...mirror dirty...got spots... =X

well...ppl's movie was "Jennifer's Body", mine's "Amy's Body" :P

what looks am i giving ? xD

the dress i planned to wear that day :)

the blur me =P

comments ?

yea. i admit i m a cry baby.
i just read his post.
and i teared up, but this time for a good cause.
i cried because i was touched.
i m glad that he wrote out his promise n kept it.
as i was reminiscing the past, as he had listed down events we've been through together, i cried.
tears just fell down automatically. MAGICALLY enough.
P.S : mum just told me she bought nokia phone 5800... but haven get yet.
i m not used to nokia's now...but hopefully i'll get use to it soon.

23rd Dec 2009.

actually wanted to wear this....but didn't at last...

at last, i wore this.

oh ya...talking bout the event i've been awaiting for the past few days rite ?
i was so exicted.
that day, i kept looking at the tuition clock...waiting impatiently....hoping time past faster...class end sooner n i can meet him earlier.
i was excited...at the same time nervous.
i m going to meet quite a big family of his...all his relatives...
nevertheless, i actually didn't expect to meet like SOOOOOOOOOOO many of them...i was confuse whether did i greet all of them...cuz it's just too many of them.
around wat ? 30 sumting to 40 sumting ppl ?
and his cousin told me that there's actually still other ppl tat din come...new year time would be more ppl...around 50 ?? oO!
oh my !
gosh...i felt so scared n nervous now...wat if they dun like me ? =|
but so far, i haven't heard any negative comments...only positives ones...at least this made me felt better.

in his room.

it's us both :)

curi-curi take him oni. =P

awww...i'mma bad camera woman :(

i wanna be perfect to him.

he's my one n only :)

haha...he blur edi...xD

aren't he suppose to be busy ? still free to read comic...xD

he's my awesome guy ;)

hugs n kisses.

dinner perfect.

awesome day, awesome night.

and that's because of him :)

i just can't help but love him.

kacau him while he style up his hair =P

love this dress.

love my camera. =3

cam whoring :)


showing off his skills in solving the cube. xD

i love him.

how wonderful is him ? :)

he became the camera man.

we're awesome.

she smiles.

and guess wat ?
when i wanna straighten my hair...i asked him to help me...and duh ~ he dunno n asked for his mum's help...
omg ! so pai seh....
it's like giving orders to ur bf's mum to straighten ur hair for u...*face red.
grrrrrrrhhh....YONG CHUN HAN....i'm gonna bite u after this !
n he gets sooooo cheeky....passing me looks....ugh ! i wanna choke u.
first time in my life that i see ppl wedding go with bus...due to the reason too many ppl...n none of them knew the way...so we'll go with bus ride...n he's gonna direct thedirection. huge responsibilities...xD
once gone wrong direction....gone case.
i thought all the relatives were like both his parents side relatives...
how wrong am i ? his cousin told me that it's just the maternal side relatives.
MORE TO COME. =X *swallow saliva.

so meriah...look like new year scenario hor ?? xD

on the bus.

at the restaurant.

everyone's busy.

my set of cutleries n gift box.

first table, no.20 :)

Beryl's choc in the gift box ;)

busy attending relatives to their respective tables.

the bride.

han sis.

she's gorgeous.

presents the bride : Cherie Yong.

han's parents behind...busy layan the ppl who came.

switched to table no.31.

full of myself. =P

girl, i'm mad.

cheers !

oh man ! blurred.

muacks ! flying kisses ?

blek ! this is the playful side of me. =P

lurve this. =3

say eeeeeeee ~

grin widely.

oopsie ~

showin my beady small eyes.

once again, blurred. argh !

i shall meet u in my dreams.

flowers on him ;)

examining his sis cam.

han, dexter , grace. ( sorry for any spellin mistakes...if there's any.)

me n han :)

our love story.

he's face is red. but when pic taken...it looked orange =S

we switched table twice, to suite others.
well, something really embarrassing happened...
the camera man...he curi-curi took one picture of mine...and showed it to me...
he said that i looked photogenic...n told this to the whole table relatives i'm sitting with... *blushed
and worse...he show my pic to them...oh no ! my picture...they're horrid.
and surprisingly enough, the others agreed with him...just my luck ?
he walked around....busy distributing seats for the relatives...and all i can do is sit still there... =X
well, later his parents workers got soooo hyper... due to alcohol i suppose ?
they kept on asking him n his sisters ( OK, basically whole family ) all have to drink wine...
and uh huh...they're drunk.
as for him...he looked drunk...but i m not sure whether he is or not...

the gift box :)

i'm home.

awesome night.

yesh ! i had a splendid day.

love my babe.

but that day, i had one of my greatest time with him n with his family.
that night, is such a memorable night.
what can i say ? i just love him :)

25th Dec 2009.

the cursive writing thingy is my smaller version four spiritual laws. *hand made ;)

it's christmas.
spent my time at church today.
havin morning service n night time church members family gathering.
i thought i prepared finish all my christmas gifts.
i finished my part, but cui haven...n i dunno that ! ==''
i sms her to ask where's he left over undone gifts...but she didn't reply...n "thx" to amaris...she said that cui brought those gifts home...which it's actually in my cupboard...ugh !
i oni saw tis mornin...T^T
rush on my work...hand aso wan patah edi...kept writing...cuz i did a key chain like "The Four Spiritual Laws" for church members.
hope they'll like it.
it's fragile, but it's also easy to bring along to any places for sharing of the good news :)
and i've finally received the headphone frm joe...waited for more than half a year already...LOL xD
finally, mum doesn't need to phone call me while she's on web cam with me...haha xD
i prepared him a christmas gift.
a frame with a pic of us last time...with my love notes...keke :)
hope he'll love it.

finally the headphone i receive !

and i just saw a new movie that's comin up soon that i felt like watchin...it's alice in the wonderland...seems nice...disney presents summore...better watch ~ xD