awesome ♥ .
i love Iron Man 2 !!!
i love Robert Downey Jr !!
man, so far, my impression on his movies characters were all typically genius, capable, mature. :D
definitely, recommended. oh, well, not gonna say more.
doesn't wanna spoil the surprise :P
i love Sherlock Holmes too !! waiting second one.
and waiting Iron Man 3 !!!
jeeezzzzz.....their tech in Iron Man 2.....i wanted that !!
darn cool. MAGNIFICENT.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......i'm missing the show already.
awaiting next, Resident Evil 4 !!! *eyes shines brightly.

night time, over bored. went to experiment on my fake lashes.
this time lower lash ! :P
oh well, no make up, NOTHING.
i look...horrid in a way.
nah ~ dun care. just stuck up i wanna see will i look weird in lower lash.
guess it doesn't turn out so bad. but it took me quite sometime to get it on cuz nearing our inner corner eyes are moist. so, it's difficult for glue to stay.
my lash were being hurt later. i meant REAL ONES.
when removing fake lash....i kinda accidentally pulled out my real ones too.
yikes ! ouch !!
pity my lower lash...edi so little some more kena pull out :(

how ?? first time leh.


yen ping made me this.

thanks ping :D

bio teacher drew a pic of baby being breast feed but the baby seemed more like sotong to me :X
hahahahhaha ! laughed like mad that day.


god knows what happened.
dunno which bitch just bocorkan my rahsia to aunty. and led me to deep trouble.
busy body gila...
jeez....her spies are getting more n more effecient in work isn't it ??
but guess it would be good though...no need hide so much...
but from now on, i doubt that she would trust me anymore. :S
yea, me n han...she knew it. The great significant 27th April.
now she wanna meet up with his parents pulak.
well, she thought mummy dun noe. but well, she knew it like LONG TIME AGO.
gor wrote some crap to me through sms saying prepare for the worst scenario, aunty will help to cool my mum down n settle stuff....damn zadao.
please la, i dun need ur help.
then he crap all kinds of things saying he'll chase me out of the house if i did something to make aunty angry.
f*ck off la.

being darn stress.
financial probs. studies probs. relationships probs. family probs.
f*ck. i'm now as good as dead.
i am tired.
i have my limits too.
shared my miseries with my friend to cool down a bit.
yen ping just prayed for my probs in skool today...
really touched n happy for having such a great friend.
italiannies turn out to be kinda normal trip.
just makan makan n watch movie.
after dining someone paid less n we'll have to rush for our kick-ass movie.

went over for drinks with him n his friends.
but ended up being real tired for the whole 6 days a row 5.30 am wake up alarm.
and all those events for the day. plus, i was kinda bored n isolated in a way.
my prob i guess.
had a talk on how to manage stress recently.
doesn't help much actually.
but i learnt a new way of releasing stress...
taught by carmen,
lol. even the speaker was laughing and finding it special but, dun try.
u'll end up getting more slaps back n not to mention STRESS.

watched Descent 2...kinda zadao at the ending.
today we had a seminar on how to ans eng paper.
honestly, except the letter of break-up the speaker showed us earlier....which made us laugh like mad...
she doesn't entertain us anymore. bored till DEATH.

i talked bout my future studies with my tuition teacher when she asked me.
i told her bout my plans to study biotech in perak's UTAR.
but mum was against it.
i knew that she's worry that anything might happen to me or so whatever.
but i need her to know what my tuition teacher told me was right too.
studying outside doesn't meant that i would turn out bad or something.
even if i didn't study there....it doesn't meant that nothing will happen to me isn't it.
i m trying to learn to be reasonable as well as independent.
i have to grow as time passes by. maturation in me is need.
so why not give me a try ??

nevertheless, i've said.
i promised to reconsider on this issue n will not mention it until i've finished my exam.
so just think that i'm talking to myself k ?? ;)


giggles. i knew that i haven been updating my blog lately.
thousands of sorry :| i dun meant it....just plain BUSY.
ok....a fast go through. :P
erm, exam results were given HALF. n yea, my marks sucks like hell. so, dun ask ;)
seni project was basically deserted. left hanging in the air n deadline is NEARER. whoops.
down the memory lane : it's a thurs where i missed my history class cuz i dunno it changed time. :X
went to celebrate jia yang's b'day at old town with sweetie.
then, went to playground and swing around :P
i just love swing.
kids running up and down....and us, the over sized kids were playing n enjoying ourselves just like a child. :D
end up getting blod clots in hands. LOL. pain gila.

still kids. :P

our poor hands.

red marks = blood clots. *freaking hurt.

Friday , 16th April 2010.

a sweet 17 celebration for sze :D happy birthday babe !
erm, ok....a slight change of plan cuz she has to go out for dinner on saturday nite.
went for shabu shabu n ate lotsa stuff. tomyam there is tasteless.
just dun drink their soup. u will still feel edible. xD
ate lots of mutton, beef n clams ?? *forgot.
funny incident of the day : looi do not know how to use sze's phone to take pic !
oh my god !! lol.we laughed like MAD.
she just closed the cam n thought it was being captured that way. the most funny part is, she did it TWICE.
LOL !! cute huh ? xD
had a fast meeting to watch movie at looi's place n breaking rules after that.
7 ppl in a myvi. record breaking isn't it. luckily no cops.
watch the messenger 2 a bit....too bored n we changed to the descent.
not bad, gonna watch second one with my babes soon :D
had cakes n gifts session n home. JOY.

clams, fish, beef.... scattered everywhere.

pai seh, forgot to rotate the pic b4 posting. i saw meatballs ! xD

birthday girl where can no pic here geh....xD eat ice-cream infront of me somemore ! xD

caught pei fern cam whoring.

looi nearly tumble down the stairs. xD

picha time ! :P

so, i deserve that as well :D

me and my babe ~

oopsie ~ got flash :X


movies at looi's house. *notice that me, sze n drey's bday was at looi's house as well ?
lol. popular destination.

group pic :D

happy birthday to u ~ :P

Saturday , 17th April 2010.

yay. smart guess. outing with sze as well. xD
ts as our destination. after add maths tuition get ready n get cab.
bought my newly fav perfume. ate at food n tea.
their bb grass jelly drink there is horrid.
like they added vinegar....ewwww.....jusco one much better.
watch when in rome with sze n keat. kinda nice :D should watch.
met keat, lviin n eugene...in personal...like FINALLY. xD
walked all the way to low yat and found no photoshop software. WTH ?!

me n cui too bored....before heading out.

love this pic a lot. :D

the vinegar like grass jelly drink.

go gai gai with babe.

awesome. love it.

i heart u babe.

amy & eva.

i caught someone cam whoring.

lurves my newly bought perfume.

Sunday , 18th April 2010.

jeezzz....mad shopping day.
i turned into a shopaholic that day. dunno what got into me. i can't control. :X
got a new bangle n scarf. :D
went opera n got myself a new pair of heels which i adore like MAD.
nearly got myself a Kate shadow...but thinking bout my financial, i better not.
luckily didn't buy, if not no heels for me :X
movies with babes : sze, jing ying , mandy n chian ying.
watch date night. totally hilarious. WATCH IT ! :D
had lunch at sushi zanmai. delicious n full.
workers performance : excellent.
*p.s : spotted zi qian's "bro" there. man ! they look alike lah ~
had cake there...and dare not to sing out too loud...xD super funny scene.
took group pic....although a bit odd....but, nah ! we love it.
went in to places for sticker photos n took pics with our own cam :P
kacau aje ~
home with taxi.
went for dinner with han n his sis at La Casa at desa park city.
yummy food. awesome. ordered beef lasagna. han had his lamb ribs or something n his is some salmon salsa.
had a chance to try all three....weeeeeeeeee *grins :D
superb. SUCH A WONDERFUL DAY. *sigh

end up changing another outfit.

lulu nose so cham....

our models.

argh !! chian ying !! why hide....

goodness....this attracts me so much....i'm gonna take this :P

i think i can eat the menu edi....xD

sushi zanmai.


tasted superb....yummy n soft. FRESH ! :P

this is mine :P

food !! can i have all of them ??

me and sze's ! awwwwwww.....

lulu's dish. :D

this dish is awesome....i just hate them purple thing. yucks.

fresh tuna. haven take pic edi goin finish. xD

chian ying's food. and her comment was ? fantastic.

lulu's ~ the eggs were being stolen a bit before taking pic. xD

tempura ?? xD

sze having her food. enjoynya ~

mandy aso eat lu ~ xD

makan-ing still wanna take pic...xD

goodness...i looked horrid.

chian ying's hubby call....made her blush like mad.

awww....so shy.

so cute....

mandy's turn ?? xD

the paper aso stick to the cup edi...xD

we're both taking pic of each other. xD

mandy's way of cam whoring.


even lulu learn to pose jor...xD

snap !

happy birthday to u :D

her sweet 17.

yummy cake.

dun wan admit old liao...xD oni put one big candle...LOL.

smile darling. :)

make a wish and cut ur cake :D

darling eat cake.

asked their worker to help us take group pic.

chian ying cut cake n divide. xD

my piece of cake. :)

eating birthday cake. and tis pic kena curi tangkap.

leng lui mandy ~

too many ppl. xD over stuffed.

all kacau kacau....



me n lulu ~ :D

alrite. moments ago i just cried. mum kinda scolded. moodily depressed.
worse part, mum said sorry to me. made me felt.... worse ?
the bank thingy was being made known for my officially very busy body babysitter.
screw her la.
she backstab me....NO, frontstab ! she just talked bad bout me right infront of me n my mum's friend. complain tis complain that. two words for her : SHE SUCKS.
leaving. :) told ya. short story. totally summarized. photos will be up soon :D