ahhhhhhhhhh ~ here comes the attack of our famous MID TERM EXAM.
stupid la....make the exam so much earlier. :(
giek sei me lor....exam still everyday online....fb....msn...and NO STUDY :'(
finished bm, eng n maths exam so far...
hopefully can score better in maths this time....cuz i hardly score well...and this time exam i tink it's much easier than last time one. :X weird.
jeezzz....as for my eng. i wrote an essay bout Amelia in the wonderland.
ok, i know, u would most probably be laughing the hell out of u now :S
yea. say me creative or too imaginative. xD
i even had dreams of animals talking....but far away different frm alice's one. \
dogs are scared of cats. wow, be amazed :P
lol, what ?! it just pop the idea in my mind what...what can i do....
the storyline was a bit of cartoon n movie mix...
but....due to time limitations, i shorten my essay to like REAL SHORT till the story line kinda, doesn't make sense ?? iish....also dunno will minus lots of marks a not.... :(
jia sern became our mr.bony today. lol.
cuz din go lab, stayed in class so skinny ppl like him will become our specimen ? xD
his expression when being touched by teacher was darn darn funny :D haha
when we're talking bout human actually have a "hidden" tail the ---- coccyx .
suren suddenly shout SCORPION. which, made the whole class laughed.
even teacher teased him with that later. how cute.
i've finally finished off my moral. just need another 2 pages for printing work. who can help me ??? :(
do bio work n that moral project thing till 1.30 a.m. around 2 oni slept n woke up at freaking 5 + a.m. ??
i wanna cry. darn sleepy and tired. STILL, i dun wanna sleep n fb-ing :S

photo of the day : joe just borrowed me an unusable photoshop software disc. xD

God knows what's wrong with me.
i've been crying for three days berturut-turut at han's place. :(
guess it was really because of his college stuff huh ?
well, i do admit the first day was due to that reason.
but second day, it was only a bit related then han sang me songs....which made me simply tink n made me cried. worse.
third day, was simply just because he drove me mad n then used all kinds of ways to make me laugh back.
i really wanna smile u noe....seeing him going through all kinds of difficulties just to make me laugh. i mean, it's like darn difficult to find someone u love rite ?
i was feeling so blissful again. yes, indeed, i'm very blessed.
and being an emotional person. i teared up again. ugh ! i know, it's annoying isn't it. :(
i even cry because of good happenings.
it reminded me that we're like.... LACK OF TIME ?
it's gonna be may soon....which also meant that he's gonna leave soon isn't it....
i just hate it when i feel he's leaving....all my blessings would just disappear into thin air.
i like the feeling being cared by him. i can manja infront of him. i can cry out loud infront of him. eat without being ladylike infront of him.
bite him, hit him whatever...he just won't scold or do anything bad to me.
but once we get less time together these feelings just leave me isn't it ? *sobbing once again :'(

my delicious dessert ! :D

cui's honeydew flavour. i seldom liked honeydew but tis is quite nice :)

went for desserts with jie jie n chuen keat gor.... yummy ~ i had an ice blended mix with mango :D
but back time....super embarrassing lor....
a dog just suddenly ran passed me. which freaks me out. nearly made me fall....at least, they made me unstable.
then walk walk sia another TWO DOGS.
what the hell... ?! what's wrong with dogs today....
i was darn freaked out i wanna leave as soon as possible. *went a little crazy.
when i heard the car alarm was being sound i opened the door. and it was LOCKED.
and finally i realized i just opened the wrong car door. :S
oh, CRAP !
worse of all, the owner is standing right there looking at me. whoops ! sorry !! didn't meant to do so...
and i finally realized that gor's car didn't park like that at first....
he thought i was gonna steal his car or something ? xD
then i quickly walk away with cui....xD haha ~
all because of the dogs.... haih.


retro. :D

went for Just Another Pandora's Box with han yesterday.
quite funny.
notice the front part where it list down the artists. u'll laugh even before the movie starts. xD
saw the set ups of alice in the wonderland. awesome.
wanna go in but locked. :(
hmmmm....have got dandruffs lately....cuz went to straighten hair...sensitive.
so went to K Care and bought some shampoo n conditioner.
kinda like the smell :)
felt so embarrassed when the worker ask han's mum to charge me what price.
it's like blood rushing up the face. *blush

Just Another Pandora's Box.

shampoo and conditioner.

argh ! stupid guard blocking.

the flowers looked so....scary...xD

mushroom canopy. xD

party ?!

alice in the wonderland.

mad hatter's party. xD

did something really stupid today....too bored.
go add in tea into chili plus oil this n that all mixed *future chemist ! xD hahahahaha jk ;)
just to see oil bubbles. :P
then at last add all the ingredients into a bowl of soup that's leftover.
shan hong named it chili soup pulak. lol. anyone wants ? confirm diarrhea. xD
watched little big soldiers with han today. FINALLY ~ xD
never expected it to be that much of funny scenes. thought it would just be more of a serious action movie.
quite funny. recommended to watch ;)
and han just got his new specs today :D

oil bubbles.

my experiment when being stirred up more.

my chili soup. :X

nice movie.

dear's new spec. :)
ok, i'm bored. i'm real bored.
i wanna do something. but not wanting to move as well. i bet u had this kind of thoughts before rite.
ok, i'm feeling real stupid for talking something like this now.
ignore me :X
i found this song wedding dress really amusing me.
i love their mv n music. darn.
i dunno what they're singing but the rhythm. i rate 5 stars wei :D
super in love with that song now...
the mv main leader was so cham....didn't get to be together with her beloved woman just because he asked for her hand in marriage slower than his best friend :( *sob....
*sorry, getting emotional.
well, i wanna go out with my babes !
sze's goin to ts tomorrow !!! i wannnnn ~~~~~~~~~~~ :'(
damn. i wanna meet **** bring me along !!!! :X

when i went han's place today....i bumped into pui li's family by coincidence.
and that...includes MR.THAM !!! oO!!
oh my.
i was walking with han up to office. n saw them in front of a shop.
i felt so malu....when he looked at me using THAT kind of look. scary. he stares even when i left....
if i didn't score well again this time in chem i guess he'll kill me and say that's the reason...pak to too much huh ? *whoops :X
damn, i was really freaked out.
i sms pui li n he said he's actually fine with it since han's a good boy. xD hahahahahhaha !
i laughed my head off seeing the sms.

add maths is really driving me crazy just now....got confused by a few quest.
han finally decided. most probably gonna go for American Degree Program.
either at Taylor's or Sunway gua.... haven decide.
then later get back to UTAR n ask can cont. study there a not. if still doesn't work out...i guess he really have to study in another country.... :|
then i can't see him often edi :\
but it's for his good though even if that happens....it's his future. i can't be selfish n lock him down could i ?
i will wait u. :)
just make sure u dun change ur heart ok ? :(
ok, i'm currently listening a very sad song....and having such thought comin across my mind just made hot tears came streaming down my cheeks uncontrollably.
i'm such a cry baby. i just cry so easily. I HATE MYSELF. :(

often, i meant like really OFTEN ! i tend to simply think.
of unimaginable consequences. things that will not happen. all kinds of possibilities.
i would get myself really hurt and insecure....and starts to fall tears out of sudden all by myself.
silly isn't it ? but i just can't help to do so.
i always hide my feelings. and just one fine day, i might pour it all out like out of sudden. :(
i'm so depressed right now. having all kinds of flashbacks right now.
of my childhood. of my parents. of my family. of my relatives n of HIM.
if he really went, i guess we don't really get to contact each other often since he'll be busy with his study life n social life there.
i'm really insecure n afraid now.
i got so developed into this relationship that i can't pull back myself anymore.
if he really left my life, i guess my whole world would just come stumbling down.
i noe we can still contact each other using phones n web cam. but saying it is way too easy than doing it.
i knew a long distance relationship would be difficult to manage and guard.
i've lots of ppl around me trying to keep a long distance relationship and failed badly.
this is really adding up to my fear.
it's driving me crazy.

hmmmm.....nth much really happened today.
ok, minutes ago i was being lectured.
for ?
well, according to them...not having proper diet. i'm anaemic ? wat the....
come on la. i din even lose weight ok....plus, i GAINED. :S
i was forced to take in pills. just ate centrum.
they even asked me to get some vit. C.
great, now aunty was being influenced n started yelling at me....babblering next to me NON STOP.
and of course, as i'd expected....she start giving out statements like....
" You think u thin very pretty ah ? "
" Keep on so "HAO"... "
" Dunno yourself actually very ugly... "
excuse me, LOOK WHO IS TALKING. *roll eyes.
i was damn pissed off.
forget it. hmph.

i went along with han to UTAR for registration today.
went mcd with his parents n niece before heading there.
embarrassing moments.
i drank sprite n han made me laugh. i spat out some of the drink n it nearly kena his mum !
OMG ! die....
imej marks all kena minus edi :(
*grrhhhh....i will kill u han ! next time u meet my mum i do all these to u baru tau !
i wanna bite him so much.
came across seeing fam online. so chatted with him a while n told him bout tis.
he suggested me to bite harder. LOL. see ! ppl aso ask me dun give u face ah....xD
gud aso....bite harder so will have scar n he'll member. xD
erm, he can't get in for the course he wanted because he's not a science stream student.
so either now he'll have to take STPM or change course.
he was thinking of taking A levels at other places first then try to come back later. but he's not sure whether it'll work out for him.
so, he might take South Australian Matriculation first...IF it works out that he can take foundation there n back diverting to actuarial science.
well, if all these doesn't work, i guess he'll just have to pick other courses.
perhaps finance or advertising design. since he's not into business n accounting.
after that went Jusco. while his dad went on to post stuff. we played games there. LOL.
really had fun :D
had a nice meal before heading home :)

i took it.

thumbs up for the great Amy :P

A for Amy.

yipee ~ watched alice in the wonderland with han edi :D *grins gleefully
couple seat once again. :P
i've straighten once again ~ and cut short second time. :X
han was too bored i guess....
he scrapped out his key chain words and sticked it on his thumb. lol.
the letter A came off.
A for Amy ! yay :P
trying to tattoo my name on your fingers ? xD
went to church and received some shells from barnabee.
he collected it along the beach. thanks a lot bee ;)
tomorrow gonna accompany han n his dad to UTAR.
register. hmmm.....without realising, time has been flying isn't it ?
it's gonna be may soon. and then he'll be busy with his college studies rite ?? :\
ok, i felt a slight feel of sadness....sorry, i'm being all so selfish.
but that shows that i cared too much too rite ?
i'm just too afraid.....i dislike the emptiness feeling. it's just so forever DULL.
being alone....so isolated. :(
well, mag has been telling me that there's quite an amount of BEAUTIES there.
i warn u ah !
dun gap lui ah u....
u try flirting or even have a slight itsy bitsy tiny attraction towards them i will KILL YOU !!
believe me, when a girl just develops too much of affection towards their another half, she's willing to do anything.

his mummy cutting my hair. :X


photo of the day : the amazing brain with "roots"....drew by our "leong leong" :P

say, "cheese." :D

ok, the play was amazing. i mean, come on, everyone did a great job :D *applause
even though the dressing up was a bit....nuisance ? xD hahaha
most of us doesn't look....MEXICAN ~
exclude div.
all girls on knee length flare skirts. LOL. how cute of them. :P
and worse to come, we go on with a t-shirt as top plus school shoes and ! COLOURFUL SOCKS.
says, oO ! oooowwwhhhh ~
quite amazed huh ?
the play was kinda funny....but lots of us were kinda lost too. haha.
i was a bit kaku when i must lead the march. which, is no doubt, STUPID.
we looked like fool strolling and marching on the tapak....being BUSY BODIES. :S
i heard that ms.tang will buy us breakfast ! is that true ?! *GRINS :D

the three musketeers ? xD

the unbelieveable cute "twin" ballerinas of the day :)

Oh No ! here comes the evil scorpion. :O

NOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!! no my baby !! :S

oops, this is not part of the plan. the baby bottle....spoiled :X
*kish fixing.

here comes the neighbour. poor divi, have to push shah all by herself. xD

the marching to the doctor's house. so....not standardize.

money-minded doctor a.k.a sarnjev asking for his pay ! xD

kino found the pearl of the world ! :D

bandits leaving. Dai Gor came by. oO! it's lim chee !!! xD

the famous.... CAT FIGHT. xD

u come la ! i stab u !

sold of the pearl and got his son a jab.

awwww....happy ending. *ok, that's just GAY. xD

everyone, ready :)

It's "The Show", but not by Lenka. This time, it's 5 A's glory :)

It's OUR performance. :)

singing and doing our very BEST. :D

here comes the group pic :D

how i love this :D

in physics lab. was doin homework and next moment, SNAP.

ran out of class when there isn't any teachers to look for him. curious bout the results....
erm, counted ponteng ? comeeee onnnnn ! gimme a chance, say NO. ;)
he've gotten himself 5A's,1B,1C,1D and finally, the great sej a G. xD
ok la, i mean 3 A+ leh....i can'task for more...he's just, the best to me ! *mwahs ! :D
got back JUST IN TIME. Pn.Goh's writing who ponteng n i came in class. *whoops !
she's asking where i went moments ago....well, i ans, i helped teachers to take things...she say very heavy.
uh huh, she BELIEVED.
i'm such an amazing liar. *sigh
went out with him after that....he had gathering with his friends and i joined.
thought we'll have the chance for alice in the wonderland but we turned out lining up for nth.
they planned to eat first and some can't make it for singing k so....basically, they just hit the bowling centre n the game arcade.
they got soooo....EXCITED when playing the racing car game. lol. really excited type ! everyone got soooo tensed up. xD haha. had fun :D

kestor took this. tQ :)

OMG ! why am i in ?! :S

* that day some dummy thought i angry him tim :P
nah, it wouldn't happen cuz i'm too in love with u to hate u. :D

whoops ! great deal. forgotten....
attention : i've straighten my hair :X
yea, serious. ok, dun look at me like i'm some kind of weirdo....i knew i've been doing things to my hair lately xD
i look FLAT now....so....tak biasa.
hopefully i'll look better after bath my hair which is something i can't do for the next three days :\
frm 150 + to F.O.C !! yay ~ ;)


photo of the day : i miss u too *version 2 by han :P

i finally found back the photo where i took both my big n small christine dior perfume. :D

ok, i din go for tis year's sports day.
wakakkakakakakka ! so long green ~ ;)
H1N1 seems to have spread n gotten worse.
i was walkin in jusco with han n suddenly kar yee sent me a sms sayin three cases edi. another form 1 n 3 student kena.
goodness, skool somehow turned into dangerous territory.
skippin classes on tues n wed :D
wheeeeeeeee ! shit ! haven finish mr.yap's work.
deep trouble. add maths on thurs ! n i'm goin back that time :S
had a little fight with audrey. we berpaling muka edi but later she came to say sorry.
so we berbaik semula again, lol.

in car. on the way to makan steamboat *audrey's b'day celebration.

i love this shot :D

my typical miserable pout.

Ta Da ~ reached my destination.

errr.....mixed too much effect on colour....and it turned out like this.

the full set of my food :D

lurves ;)

adore me. ;)

she loves smiling. But, most of all, she loves him.

my favourite place is right next to u.

Drey's b'day celebration was at nite. bought her a wallet n she loves it. looi gave her g-string n ming wen they all gave her condom, alcohol n BANANA !! LOL.
went to desa park city makan steamboat.
turned into soaked chicken.
it rained so heavily....awkward moments. quickly changed the wet shorts into a dry one.
ate yummy food. i was so full cuz everyone kept on stuff their food towards me.
and all their food is VEGETABLES. lol.
looi's sayin me like recycle bin. got wat tak mau.....throw in my pot oni.
i dunno i ate how much bean sprouts for that day edi. :S
i got so full that i nearly can't finish up my food. which is way more expensive then vegs. all meat. :S
kept stuffing myself till wanna vomit n stomachache.

it's our love story :) *hugs !

my prince charming :D
♥ this shot ;)

my love was nothing like this.

commonly known fact.


cam war with looi.

darn, finally finished. damn full.

cam sucks. horrible colour.

ugh ! mandy's cam blurred. :(

sze left earlier cuz she have to watch movie with family.
pui mun n mandy were the late comers of the day.
we're being so hyper that we cont go looi's house sing k till one in the morning. LOL.
but when we reached there we realized that we left 3 ppl behind ! xD
then need to go back fetch the others. LOL.
the present was soon eaten. xD
and the comments were ----- fresh banana ! patut la so expensive. LOL !
way shen went on saying : " i am this. " *pointing towards the banana skin after eating.
ming wen : " har ?! banana skin ?! "
hahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahah ! laughed my voice out.
ming wen kept on bugging han touching him trying to make me jealous.
so, to clarify i'm the winner, i grabbed han n pulled him towards me n kissed him infront of ming wen xD
lol, i won ;)
everyone had fun, i suppose. xD
sang till voice was coarse.
kai hsien became han's partner for old songs for the day. LOL.
*was caught by mandy. whoops !* oni she knew what happen ;)

the famous presents.

condom ?!

the funny sexy back song by way shen n ming wen. LOL.

hp din charge.... ran out of battery....can't contact aunty din see till gor's sms and i was nearly left locked outside the house :S
oh my.... :X
i managed to open both the doors but i was locked outside because of the glass door ! damn !
at last, no choice. went behind and woke aunty to open door for me.
kena ngam cham by stupid IDIOTIC annoyin gor ! bla bla bla ~
i can't hear a damn word frm u :D
slept two something. darn it. and i woke up at 5 something. DARN SLEEPY.
worse of all, two damn dogs attacked me while i was waiting sze along the road side.
like i'm some kind of bad guys or watever kept on bark at me.....the two damn dogs.
GOD ! now u noe why i hate them. this is like wat ?! the fifth n sixth dogs comin after me in my life ?!
i'm gonna turn them into hot dogs if i have the ability. i dun give a damn bout animal cruelty now.
they're the ones being cruel to me.

sky was freakin dark when we began our journey.

we reached ! :D

Dataran Merdeka padang ~

i wonder how many ppl took part...

time to collect t-shirts ! :D

the fountain is the toilet ?!

aerobic time ! time to move ur butts !

awwww....pui li laughed so happily. :D

lol ! all unaware.


salam satu malaysia.

getting ready for the walk.

Rakesh laughed when pui li commented that Rakesh would look innocent without his dark skin colour. LOL !

from clean shoes, we went home with BLACK ones.

chain me up. *it's min hua's hand cuffs.

we finished our race ! i mean WALK ! xD

collected our certs n goodie bag coupon :)

jumped like mad inside.

my food ! milo & milo + koko krunch ! :D
they're yummy :P

added in sze's koko krunch with milk.

such a sunny day.

me n pui li.

sheeril ! look here. xD

me n sheeril again :P

OMG ! graffiti on min hua's face ?!
just kidding. :P

TESCO on may poh's hand.

time to do some water splashing :P

someone just drank this much of drinks.
wondering who ?

Ta da ! it's him. :P

me n min hua.

me n yeow xin :)

me n may poh :D

i love my babe :)

forgotten to put this into lucky draw :(

wakakkakakakaka ! all the certs are mine !
jus joking. help ppl keep oni. :P

i was sooooo freaked out i went to the middle of the road. n STILL ! they followed me....
what the hell...at last i have to walk back frm where i started frm. i hate them.
and they're watching me frm across the road. refusing to go back to sleep. damn. luckily i had sze's umbrella.
but there's 2 dogs n i oni had 1 umbrella....how to fight ?!
reached destination 7 plus.
changed into the t-shirt given there.
the toilet was underground and the sign somehow made it point like....towards the fountain thing ?? xD
we walked all the way.
well, the so called walk isn't all walking....ppl ran. :S
dun care la...kita jalan aje ~ ;)
finished our walk and collected our certificates n goodie bags. :)
drank lotsa drinks....basically mixing them all up :S luckily din get stomachache ! muahahahhahaha ~
we played in some kind of castle thingy....u noe those plasticy stuff with air filled inside.
rakesh said he wanna play at first. but pui li said NO, u'll deflat it. xD lol.
but at last we all went in. xD
we jumped n rolled like mad. goodness....i can't even stand inside....
masuk oni edi fell down. lol, it was FUN. :D
but i felt like throwing up once there's too much of ups n downs. xD

my present. :)

this pouch was darn cute. i like this colour. but,
aunty grabbed this away frm amaris when she fall in love with this :S

it's a three in one !! *gasp D:

9 March 2010.
recieved present from cui :D
love it babe :) thanks a lot.
sze was so cute in ms.lee class today.
we'll have our revision class soon. she asked we want to go fast or slow...here goes the conversation :
sze : FAST !
ms.lee : oh....means both saturdays n sundays.
sze : oO! No, slow. *cuz someone's b'day. xD
ms.lee : means want saturadays oni la.
sze : can go for moderate ah ?
*whole class laughed !
ms.lee looks at her with typical kind of expression. xD
ms.lee : ok la, i understand your meaning. means sometime saturday oni, sometime both saturday n sunday.
like that ok ?
*sze nods.
hahhahahhahahahhahahha ! HOW CUTE !!
sze watched alice in the wonderland.
i wanna watch too !!!
goin straighten hair tis fri or sat :D
F.O.C yay ~ for helping han's mum out last time :P

i made this. nice ?? :P