cui's gonna be away for the week. and her hamsters shall be mine for the day ! xD
haha....i'm their one week master now. :)
ok, i'm afraid of them :S but ! i will take care of them k....
fong sam cui, i wont let the doors open....the cat won't get in ! unless....someone else open it up :X
enjoy ur trip n most importantly, bring back souvenirs for me !!!! xD
hmmm....gotta carry the bag myself tis week....how miserable.
sports day coming. N20 comin back for performance ?
Han's back ! that's 99.9% sure :D yay ~
sze got new specs. i'm gonna get one soon too.... ;)
hammie's pic will be up soon !
ditto ditto ~
uh huh....i've no idea why was i saying wrong word the whole day....
embarrassing moment in class during add maths.
ten x minus x square. sub x with 10.
and i said ten x was 20 !! how foolish.
damn. i was having addition sign in my mind.....stupid.
whole class laughed when Mr.Yap went repeatedly saying 10 multiply 10 = 20 !
next moment, i turned pink !
in tuition, i nearly said alkali when i actually wanna say alkane.
sudden bio exam today. on paper 3....and me....being sooooo SMART. went to study THEORY !
luckily i just started i a bit of it...*phew
scored 15/17 i tink thats gud enough for a last minute study rite ?
3 essays to go. HOLY CRAP.
joining some walk organized by Tesco or so whatever at Dataran Merdeka next Sun.
went over to Jusco n bought egg roll tuna n chicken ( i guess )
yummy !
i even accidentally mistaken a sushi king waitress as a toilet cleaner moments ago :X
yea...i know....i'm bad :(

the famous act of the year : THE PEARL.
lol. ms.tang's work again. and there comes 5A n me as Apollonia.
they wan add padding on me ?! hell no !!
sorry to say, i dun like Anthony as husband *forgive me if u're reading this.
come on ! anyone in class but him rite...ugghh ~ faint.
he's so....UNCOOPERATIVE. yea....*roll eyes.
baby coyotito...SHAHRUL. LOL....sucking his thumb, lying on table...goodness...what a scene.
Kish's expression just made me....LAUGH.
the song of evil was played when the scorpion ( Jia Sern ) attack shah.
it was damn long...and SUSPENSE was in the air....till near ending of the song shah was so fed up that he started yelling " BITE ME LA ! "
hahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhaha *laugh non stop
when the bandits attack....OMG ! that's hilarious.
min hua walked her LADY walk n pushed kish....darn ! that's funny !
i was thinking of the IP MAN part in the 72 tenants of prosperity movie that very moment.
where kish would say : " I wan 10 "
and starting to hit just like the movie.....i bet it'll be HILARIOUS.
or they'll fight Tai Chi style ? xD not bad wei ! i can imagine Kish doin tai chi n bruce lee actions. xD
Pn.Vasantha told us that tears was actually gud for your eyes as it clears up the dirt or so whatever.
so, ppl...we should gang up n cry together more ! xD
walked out to print kerja amal pic for moral while it was raining cats n dogs.
damn ! heavy rain sia....the road was like....flooded.
i was splashed over by a car.....ewwwwwwwwww......
the contaminated water ! T^T sobs.....
go back bathed super long.


pic of the day : DEAD FISH.

my phone !

♥ Dior Addict.

uugghh....guessed i've really dumped my blog being alone for some time.
it's been a long time since i really wrote something here... rite ?
skool's on tomorrow n i m not sleeping yet. it's goin 12 !
outside there....pi ling pa lang.....noisy sia....
firecrackers :S
i've really forgotten all my updates for the week. wat to do ?!
just write wat i member....
recieved package after all those trouble i went through...2 burberry shirt...my new phone n my dior addict no.2 perfume !
wow.....now i tink i really have a collection of perfume.....xD

sticky ~ :) *yummy

isn't this pretty ?! i took this :D

somehow reminds me of volcano eruption...xD

weee.....ka boom ~

this....kinda looks fake to me....but, it's real...xD

graphic looking ?

flares !! looks like meteor shower attack...xD

can be heard frm miles away....

biting can. xD

awww...she's so cute.

1st day of CNY, clear blue skies.

traffic.... :X

cousin sis took a pic of my hair when we're stuck in traffic jam...xD
cars in line ;)

on the ferry edi :)


see the difference of near n far sea water ?

ferry, ferry on the sea ~

nth else to do.

dunno why cousin sis took this.

cousin bro gf.


my crazy cousins.

i finally knew where i inherit those poser genes in have in me. xD

such a poser. xD

no wonder they're brothers. xD

*singing* u r my sun shine ~ my only sunshine ~

driver of the day :P

smile and....OMG ! NO TEETH xD

reaching the port soon.

finally, i saw the city ! xD

the tokong we went.

surprise ! chiak ~

is this mochi ? xD

whatever it was....it's fab ! yummy and we ordered a lot....xD

my "bo bo cha cha" ! YUM ~

cousin sis's "ching bou liong"

cousin sis eating.

i took this....damn cute xD



i dare u to jump in....xD

sniffing what ?

eat...eat....eat....n EAT !

hunting food.

awwww ! small baby boar....

sneaky wild boar.

the isolated one....leg cacat a bit liao....crippled ?

did this....but never manage to last long :\

after some time, repaint :X

web camie ~ :P

passed him valentine's gift on thurs....bought him sticky :) n made him card added on a couple bracelet n forgotten to top up the hand made love chain i wanted to add in...
went to penang like last year on the first day of CNY.
but this time, i guess it's the worst trip to there....just visited one place....a TOKONG GUAN YIN....that's all :S
went nearby the tokong to eat tong shui n one old aunty came by to tipu money....za dao !
she just stopped at our table n asked for ang pao...one not enough ask for two....u dun give, she start cursing under her breath ( as if u can't hear her )
then go other table tipu other ppl...
suprisingly, m'sia have ppl stupid enough to give her money like she asked ==''
then ppl even belanja her makan n stuff....
amboi....bukan cannot work or anything.....have hands n legs....YET ! wanna go around begging....DO NOT TERTIPU IF U MEET HER.
traffic jam like MAD.
use ferry :D 2nd time lu ~
then went taiping to see babi hutan.....waited freaking long oni 2 came out....
we're feeding the mosquito there all the while....
bought some rice to feed the babi hutan....ppl tend to say that after touching those babi hutan will win lottery n stuff....they use their gold accessories n money to touch the wild boar....i felt thats quite "mi xing" lor....LOST PPL. haih....
u think that they might be brainless right....but i saw one which was like DAMN SMART.
it went into a pool of mud....making itself covered in dirt n came out to eat the food so that no one dares to touch it....za dao.....smart sia....
saw one kinda big size one....but was left out from it's kumpulan....IT CAME OUT from the pagar....
walao....luckily din attack ppl oni....sudah patah one kaki jor....a bit cacated....staying near my uncle's car park place....n everyone just went rushing there to watch....like they've never seen any.
on valentine's get to on web cam with han :) so happy....

all's well end's well.

at One U....why is there black spots on floor ?! ugh....UGLY edi.

errr....isn't it the year of tiger instead of CAT ??

72 tenants of prosperity :)

aiks ! the paint keluar a bit edi...xD

yummy chicken :)

dinner time ! :D

i'm so hungry.... :|

at Teppanyaki....

the glitter i made a mess with.

Happy Valentine.

hope u'll like the hand made card from me :D

luckily i threw this away :P

my valentine gift for him.

help sze buy as well xD

smile n say cheese.

just as the words says.

Tada ! his gift, fully prepared :D *except something i forgotten to add :S


cute :)

he's just....so SWEET.

my valentine's gift from him :D

absolutely 101% cute. i found another gift !

u know what, i LOVE him.

the star of the day ! xD

stayed at my uncle's house during the hols. went with cousin to sg.wang on sat.
went roller n kena tolak....jatuh till....the leg cannot see liao....
summore got all kind of scary ppl stares at u....eeek ! :S
watched 72 tenants of prosperity as well as all's well end's well durin CNY :D
lol....both aso funny....loves the IP MAN part.... xD *recommended to watch ;)
felt so great without aunty n gor around to SPY me....
get to talk on phone with my han late night ~ :P keke
then we started add in my cousin sis into our conversation....n somehow, han got a new nick ! he's a black sheep :D
oops ~
went teppanyanki with cousin at jusco....and saw ming xing....what the hell....
i saw m'sia one la....not HK.
dong yu zhe that ah zhe....he looks better in real life than TV... xD
why every star that i met was in JUSCO ?? xD
i've got my valentine present.....n i'm incredibly loving them :D
so sweet of u dear....thanks for the presents :)
he made this cupboard thing himself for me to put my accessories....all right, my stuff might be too much for it....so he suggested me to put those accessories he gave me :)
sprayed on syelek n painted glitters....i tink that should be some hard work isn't it....nose suffer like mad...fingers looked as if they're poison....sorry sweetie....for causing so much trouble :|
inside the drawer was another bracelet....guessed this was a surprise in surprise ~ xD
a bear holding a love was locked in with lotsa plasticky material lookin mini balls.
so cute :D
then i got double present because he gave me my valentine's present late....
got another mini cable fan that can connect to comp or use battery with words saying i love u n heart shape
how sweet :)

p.s : more pics coming up ;)
love, amy lai.