oh well, i finally found a reason to come back to my blog after deserting it for...
i think near a month ??
Happy National Day bloggie ! :P
i left my blog dead cuz i was really lazy and i just couldn't bear to drag myself to write something :X fogive me ? *puppy eyes.
tomorrow's gonna be M'sia 53rd National Day Celebration. at least we got a new holiday on 16 Sept ! :P
let's pray that our country ppl can stay united even though we're from different races.
NO RACISM. *ahem like u noe, some issue happened lately.
i don't wanna turn out to be minority in this country and be dominated by the majority who seems to be becoming all the foreigners.
just walk on the street and look around i think there would be a whole lot of ppl
that wouldn't be a citizen isn't it ?

One M'sia Concept.

Unity is strength.

tomorrow's 31st !! isn't it great ? it means another holiday ! hurray. how i love holidays !
i really agree on the fact that my teacher once told me that M'sia has the most holidays among all the countries in the world.
but everyone's away :(
can't even get out of the house then :'( *sob
how miserable. han went to penang and couldn't accompany me. cui most probably won't come cuz her dad's not working i guess...
even sze went s'pore !
wanted to go swimming at first but no one can bring.
jie and gor going out tomorrow so i cant go their place either....anyone have any idea what should i do tomorrow ?
oh ya, i just got myself a bikini. love it ! ;)
i even planned to go sunway lagoon this coming holiday. haven't went there since ages.
let's just hope i don't turn from snow white to charcoal princess.
i just hate getting dark. :\
oh ya, the great news for me today is i finally get an A for my add maths ! FINALLY. i must really treat myself with something good to make up my effort :P
ice-cream ! here i come !! :D
ok la, i knew it was just section B question, but hey, i thought it really killed me that i might come back failing.
who knows, i got an A. don't care whether it's a strong A or not, it's still an A to me. hell ya, i'm darn happy. *grins :D

lagoon theme park map.

i wanna join !!


me wanna play !! D:

everything just looked great. hopefully that day turns out splendidly.

A for Add Maths ! xD

Ice-cream for treat. :D

previously went bazaar, well, they have amazing food :) and thinking of it and seeing pictures of food now makes me really hungry....
i wanna go subway eat burger !! and dragon-i for their la mian...and definitely, their steamed meat dumpling !!
*i'm practically drooling now....my stomach is growling in hunger.
that's not the end of it,
i have a whole list of movies i wanna watch and here are my top 3 wanted movies !

Bazaar's delicacy.

colourful drinks everywhere.

kuih muih. :)

i wanna eat satay now. :(

all kinds of puffs. :D

i wanna go subway eat.... :'(

looking at this made me darn hungry.

yummy yummy.

La Mian.

movie fever ! :)

Step Up 3 :D

awesome dance steps.

Resident Evil : Afterlife.

Love Resident Evil, this must be amazing.

Piranha !!! incredible.

ouch, imagine u're there. :S

not enough scary ? try imagining a whole shoal of them after you.

freaky looking but at the same time, i still wanna watch it ! A LOT.

i just remembered that i haven't watch SALT !! :(
i'm gonna make han watch with me.

tada ! i'mma back ;)
we held a surprise party for cui lin on the memorable 31.7.2010 :)
NOTE FOR CUI : " Yow Cui Lin, u better remember our good deeds for ur whole life :P "
being one of the top actress, i managed to trick her into believing i went for "han's family meeting".
a so called meeting that never existed :P what to do, i have incredible acting skills !! :P wakakakkaa
*jeez, just jk, too overwhelmed.
am i counted bad for lying to my childhood buddy like that ? nah ~ it's a surprise :X
it's not lying, just not letting her to know the truth :P
destination : Garden, Curve.
dress code : all pink *nearly all
we went earlier to settle down and wait for the princess of the day.
ordered chef's recommendation which i found to be awesome.
had a little camwhore session and she arrived. SHHHHHHHHHHH.
silence. *ok, maybe just some giggles from Looi.
her eyes were covered and she was led to our table and not to mention blur about everything.
Looi even lied she went to malacca ! miraculously, she believed. xD
Mandy prepared two helium gas filled balloons and tied them onto the chair. how cute.
and most importantly, they were pink, her fav colour. ;)

camwhored while we're waiting her arrival.

bok n me :)

plaster on a smile :)

the pink balloons seat. :P

mandy :)


secretly captured.

my dear :)

bok's gift.

why so shy ? :P


looi's drink.



and finally, mine !! :D

fish and chips. yummy.

close up shot.

chef's recommendation. darn nice.

how cute is audrey ? :P


yeap, she's here. exploring her hammies.

hamsters session.

so excited. xD

what can i say, the hamster became the apple of everyone's eye that day.

cui hitting dean. ouch !

idk for what. but it's torturing !

awww. how happy :)

cute giler.



choon seng handing out hamster. :)

bok n me AGAIN :)

me n cui.

love ya.

mandy n her brilliant smile.

audrey n me.


big group.

cameras here n there.

cui n karina.

my hun.


she was quite shocked actually. i mean surprised. she even nearly sat on her present. :O
she thought the hamster cage with a pink cloth covering was a cushion for her seat. luckily she didn't murder the hamsters in it. :X
we even had cupcakes with cui's newest fav slogan : "LEBIH NI !" written on it. xD
the most surprising things hadn't end yet.
there pops out Daniel, Shahmim, Ali...and !!
SUREN came on scene soon. :X
how would u feel if ur ex came around to ur b'day party. oh well, cui felt dead akward.
they went to redbox and came back down and joined us for a little while.
we head towards cinema for La Comedie Humaine but the time doesn't suit ours.
but Choon Seng was so eager to watch that he typically begged everyone to accompany him for a movie at least. the Sorcerer's Apprentice.
Lastly, we ended up being split into groups. some went to movie and some headed home and the others SHOPPING :D
i kinda pity han, i mean he's the only guy in my group being dragged to shopping.
must have felt bored huh ? i will treat u better, no worries :)
Mandy, our tour guide brought us to the wrong path ending up walking a further distance. xD
i got myself a dress, let's hope i don't get scoldings from aunty. :X *pray for me
headed Kluang Station for a break and some refreshments.
then we headed to flee market the second time for some accessories.
i got myself some rose hair clips. *which i hope i will use instead of keeping them only :X


mine ♥



hide here n there.

with flash :X

Kluang Station.

the late chicken wing.

me n dear dear :)


my dress. :)

girly roses hair clips :)

*grins :D

love the dress.

a movie that i kept laughing.

Arthur and the minimoys !

everyone headed home quite early that day.
me and han just watched Planet 51 from comp. it's quite funny and cute but i think i prefer Arthur and the Invisibles. :D
it's cartoonish but still nice.
han took me to cinema to watch La Comedie Humaine the next day. it's nice really, i laughed like MAD.
* i think everyone else did too :P
u guys should go too :D