jeez....no idea why....but i tend to post and the pics will come later nowadays ~ xD
anyway ! enjoy ~
*drum rolls ~ let the slide show begins ! =P

my first time in pavade thavani ~ :)

back home ! :)

thx abee ! for the outfit ~ ;)

i just love snapping pics ~
bang !! *gosh ! i looked retarded ~ but hu cares ! xD

smile always :D

bluek ! =P

vanekam ! ( which meant greetings ~ :) haha...see ! i knew !! )

shahrul askin for salam ~ xD

just look at how idiotic we can be made me laughed !

in class...waiting and chit chatting away ~

look at gan .... and there goes our faces....xD

chik chiak ! photo taken not refundable ~ :X

i just realize how "white" we looked here.... corpse !! =S

oops....termasuk the pic....xD

haha....being protected...xD

practicing our singing....but everyone just wander off... xD
look at fam and mena ! hahahahahhahahaha !! xD

everyone....busy busy busy ....preparing themselves ~

saree ~ saree ~and more saree ~ xD
how to wear them ? super troublesome !

awwwwww....just look at suren ! xD

loveable mena ! ;)

there comes noise polution and our earthquake ! =S

emotional ?? exaggerating facial expression ?? tat must be shahrul ! xD

he's singing and jumping and shouting...and....u name it , he did it !

our babes ~ :)

ling sze and shah ~~~ xD

look at the conductor and move ur butts ppl ! xD

sway ~~~~~~~ to the left , to the right .... to the left, to the right ....

aren't she cute ?? aren't they gorgeous ? xD

they're besties !

salam perpaduan dan salam satu malaysia ! ;)

hahahahahhaa....fam in black ! contras with the skin complexion ~

she's soooo adorable ! :)

hotties of the year ! xD

merdeka ! merdeka ! merdeka ! * shout with us ~

why is he so emotional ?? xD

the bros ~ xD

everyone looked happy ~ =D

米跌价 !! everyone lookes so happy ~ xD

photo session ! ;)

sing sing sing ~~~~~~~~

to the top of our lungs ~

our melodius voice ! =P

the best choir of the year !! xD wakakakakakkaka....

ok, i may be the slowest ppl on earth updating this post....tis event happened like ages ago... ( which is last friday.... )
sorry la ~ NO MOOD write previously ...
due to boredom i'm writing tis....if not, i may actually procrastinate my blogging duty again :X

tat day, she's sick and did not attend skool :( awwwww.....i missed her look ! man ! sze !! u got to show me ur photos ! :P
busy busy busy is a final conclusion for tat day....
supposingly, the celebration should be held in the morning...but thx to the rain, the ground was wet...=='' and the presentation tertunda till afternoon....
so we'll be dried fish under the sun later.... T^T *oh,crap ! there goes my skin complexion again...
it's kinda unfair for us though....cuz we missed every single presentation since our's was the closing presentation and we'll have to get prepared like super long....
during preparation, as usual, our infamous shahrul did lotsa singing,shouting,yelling,jumping in the class ( you name it, he did it... :X )
made all of us --- dizzy dizzy !! @~@

this year, lotsa ppl wore traditional clothing for presentation....there's even ppl hu made themselves look dorky, guys disguised as ladies ...which made us burst out laughing.... xD
tis is my very first time dressing myself up in a pavade thavani to be specific....not saree actually, cuz saree is fully wrap around ur body....tis is not fully wrapping type....
we cant change too early, and most of our time were spent in class cuz we're not allowed to wonder around....
we talked and talked in the class....and ppl going around snapping photos ~
when we've done we just ran up the stage and sang to our fullest !
to be honest, i did enjoy our class choir singing though ~ u guys sang so beautifully ! love u all ~ ;)
by the way, thx for the costume abee ! :) it's perfect !

though we can't spend much time together tat day....he still drop by some times to visit me....and had a short talk...
we are allowed to wear the costumes back just like tat...tats lucky, cuz removing them is kinda difficult...
ok, i heard lotsa ppl complaining tat i have a too fair complexion on tat day...wat the....i m already tanned since the camp !
blackie ~ *sobs T^T
basically, tat day we're all having fun ! love it ~ :)
*p.s, except the standing under the sun part...
cuz standing on the stage just made us sweat like mad....it's like sauna....hot....sweat trickling down our faces....
but we're glad lotsa ppl enjoyed our presentation ~ great job ppl ! ;)

today, buddies went genting....well,sadly, i'm not allowed to go... :|
hope tat u guys had fun ! :)
on the other hand, i went to movie with him and his friends....haha....lotsa laughter for today....
held each other tight in the cinema....cuz we're freezing...luckily i'm smart enough to bring jacket...
watched G.I.Joe....not bad ~ ;)
and had dinner at Tom Yam before heading home....
it's been two months plus since we're together....goin three months....soooooooo happy....
tis comin sunday is our third month anniversary....sadly, all the three months also we didn't manage to spend time together including the coming one....but it's ok....i believe we'll have next time...
he's not gonna be around...but i'm gonna miss him !! of all things, i wanna say :

for everything.

errr...i kinda....dropped it on the ground....so it's body was filled with stones...xD

the first fish i caught in my life ! xD
they's fooling around ~ xD

nice ? i took it ! =P

titanic style in the middle of paddy field ~ =P

bird's claw print on the dried stair case....xD

dinosaurs evoulution ? xD wakakakakaka....

chun han found tis....reminds me of jurassic park...xD

paddy field...

weeeeeeee ~~~~~~~~~~ ^^


rice tats not ripe not cooked....xD

paddy ~ :D

they wanna fight ?? :S

grasshopper in bottle ~

it's screaming for help !

the pass by red ant....

mini mango ~~~~~~~~~ :)

bluek ! :P face changing coconut...xD

awwww....sadnya ~ :(

coconut tat i drew faces on ~

the monkey dance... =S

rise and shine ppl !

early in the morning ~

yummy fried rice ! ^^

oops....not much ultramans left...xD

batmans !!!! xD

the supermans ~~~~ xD

another trainer that taught us the ridiculous song...

the trainer dude trying to teach us the clapping hand and twisting head game...xD

our hands ~

fooling around ~ xD

the other side of the hall ...

the owner's house hall....this is where we chose to sleep ~ xD

our room ~ but i din sleep here....

our first meal there ~ i love the chicken and the veggie ~ :)

on the way to the house....with everyone's luggage on me....aiks...
so stuffy ~

gambling !!! tell teacher ~~~ xD jk... jk...

pui li passing out free roti canai ! yummy ~~

roti gave me tis pose... xD

here comes the noisy group...they've been singing non stop since the journey started...super noisy...=='' cant sleep ! the noise polution !!

suren's been making weird weird faces since we're on bus....><'