hearts melted.
how sweet is he.... :)
thanks han....for the little surprise.
love it.
for u did it whole heartedly ;)
muacks ! *hugs and kisses
well, he planted some crops in farmville.
making words seen frm screen
written :
" C.Han Love S.Yee "
isn't tat cute ?
how adorable...mwah ! thx dear ~ :)
love eu !

alrite...dun be so picky...i'm sorry to say i din take down the full view of it... =X


holidays currently.
boring ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
no place to go. always stay at home.
nothing to do.... can't go out.
and dun wanna study =X
oops ! just spilled out my secret... ( which is widely known )
went to cui's house stay over previously, just got home today.
cuz aunty went P.D to lalalalalalalala *sing song
dump me alone. so have to go her place.
at cui place, everyday no
3 a.m. aso no sleep...PANDA EYES ! ahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!! =O
do wat ?
of course watch
drama lu ~

finished off
u're hired....so funny...xD
then watch
D.I.E B ~
but i din really watch la....watch a bit skip a bit....
i tink i spent most of my time watchin dramas and sleepin there....afternoon frm 12 one shot can sleep till 5 something near
six p.m. ._.
m i tat tired ?
i guess....
but it's nice ! cuz in
air-cond room, comfy bed and blanket ~ xD
tomorrow will be headin to sze's place after chinese tuition.
makan with fam....he's leavin to australia =|
haih....hilang a friend pulak.... =( *sadnya....
member us ah ! if not i go there chop u ah... =X
eat pizza ~ and maybe some movie i guess....

friday will meet cousin ! long time no see till her lor....
she come a while oni ah...ambil barang aje ~
sunday aunty headin out again ! go lalalalalalla again !
yea, i noe....tats like fast....she's been out for 4 days 3 nights to sing and noe she goin sing again... =S
there goes my camera....hope she dun rosakkan my beloved cam T^T
previously borrowed her and came back with some kind of stains....luckily can remove !
if not i will really
kill her...
precious gift frm mum k !
if she dropped it, lost it, or did any harm to it...i will really take knife n throw at her....
this morning she's giving me headache.
askin me show her her pics in my com.
i insert the memory stick and showin her slide by slide....and she say start over.
so i start again...
then she say start over then i press again....press jor three times she aso dunno i'm starting all over ! @-@''
anyone can
stranggle her for me ?

gosh............ wat a day ~


this is bad.
tis is real bad.

i felt guilty.
wat happened ?
i bet u can laugh heartily at me.

moments ago, i was dining out.
history class was cancelled.
i was waiting for Sze to come out frm her class.
so while waiting, i decided to order dinner at the restaurant below.
bought some kuih frm bazaar.
the popiah sold were nice, so i even got some for Sze
hope u'll like it. ;)

alrite, here's the story line.
i sat there and ate my food till Sze came down.
i was thinking to pay for it after Sze got down.
Unfortunately, when Sze's down, she said her dad was here...
and of course, we dashed into the car as fast as lightning.
see the prob ?

I FORGOT TO PAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg ! =S
crap ~
next week will have no class...so i'll have to pay up next next week...
i felt so bad.... =(
jeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz.............. tis is so embarrassing !
i m really really really sorry....
didn't meant to eat " ba wong chan ".
lol ! hu say's there's no free lunch in this world ?
see i got one...
an embarrassed one some more =X

and guess wat ?
i think they din even realized it ! cuz no one chase up or so....
when i passed by the restaurant in the car...everything seems normal frm the outside....
so, they wouldn't mind rite ? =X
anyway ! i promise to pay up ! dun be afraid ! u have my word ! ;)

history tends to repeat themselves.
they nvr learn frm their mistakes....
as usual, they're bringing me tinge of disappointment...
nvr a hope in the darkness....they just follow the greed of human heart....
neglecting her's and my feelings....
once again they DID it.

tears overflowing....rolling down uncontrollably....
eyes and nose giving a hint of red...
hearts shattered...
not by his works....but by theirs...
why ? why must they do this again ?
they are not getting tired of it ?

just let us go for once....will u ?
no, u wouldn't. u hadn't show us a sign of pity nor had mercy on us.
being cold and brutal.
u are so cruel.
i received call frm an unknown guy. he says tat his name is Lau....and said tat my mum has not payed up some debts of our house.
the truth is, my mum paid.
yes, ur assumption was correct.
they took it and used it.
as usual, not caring my mother's hardwork in earning those money.

they just used it up. simply, the took it....as if claiming it was theirs...
i bet my mum was getting sick of their actions. heartbroken i suppose ?
seeing her own family members treating her this way...
they've hurt me by hurting her.
i hate them. i just hate them.
but sometimes, there's still confusion in me.
do i really hate them that much ?
till a stage they're unforgiveable ?
i m not too sure of it myself too.

turned away, i did not want to think much.
i just wanna rest. slumber rest.
i cried till my eyes were tired...i cannot take this much longer...i need a get away.
sometimes, all these will result in the pressure i have on myself.
thinking how they treated her. i promised myself i will study hard and make sure i have great achievements in the future.
then, i can take care of her.
the her tat had taken care of me for such a long time.with such hard work.
but i wanna be honest.

i m not the type of super genius everyone expects of me.
i cannot achieve superb results.
putting too much of high expectations on me is just exerting more and more pressure on me.
i m so afraid tat i might disappoint everyone.
but her, she hasn't expect tat much of me. she just wants me to do my best. and that's it. she'll accept whatever that i achieved.
a caring mother. i knew.
but even though that's wat she've spoken. i wanna impress her. i wanna tell her i can do it and make her proud of me.

MUM, i wanna tell u :

" Thank You So Much For Every Single Sacrifice, Hard work and Actions of urs. U are such a blessing to me. "

by accident, i found a paper that i kept previously.
it's written by my dad himself.
starring at it made me cried once more.
sumtimes i just hate him for leaving us behind.
leave with tat woman. broken pieces are not able to mend. so is my heart.
he's not seeing me for another year. this year.
everytime i had an encounter with him, i will cry, no matter what. it's an unchangeable habit.
seeing him approaching me step by step is giving me a mixed feelings. EVERYTIME.
a hurt feeling too. once again, i'm able to feel the scars he left in my heart. the wounds are hurting so badly.

he too, is placing high expectations on me. that's what he wrote. he's asking me to obey my mum, because her sacrifice for me now was something i will not be able to understand.
Touching, yet he's putting me into a fury condition.
if u understands it that well then y left us at the first place ? give me a reasonable explaination will u ? it's a question left unanswered till now.
i m slowly losing confidence in all of u....
u all didn't take much notice of us...
that's it. my heart is bleeding to death just because of u guys's deeds. satisfied ?

last friday went out with all my buddies ~ ;)
girls night out ! wakakakkakaka....

i was home kinda late....and duh ~ aunty ngam me.... =X

kena ! but dun care la....i had fun ~ :)

cannot let her words spoil my mood geh ~

my first time watching 3D ~

secret ! we....yeap...skipped class.... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
cuz went to watch Final Destination 4 in 3D ~~~~~~~~~~~

woohoo ~ first time watchin 3 D leh...so fun ! =P keke

watched it with Sze,Looi,P.Fern,Bok ~

at first when get the ticket looi still so nervous ....dunno can get in the cinema a not....
but we managed to got through though....xD
haha.... ;)
i got myself a new pair of heels...love it ~ :D
dine at mcD ~ and of course, nevertheless, i kept my camera snappin non stop !
wakakakkakaka....candid ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

jeeeez.....unchangeable habit...can't help it =P

newly bought ~

my new heels ~ :D

in the cinema ~ :)

it was actually this blur without the specs....

Final Destination 4 ~ here i come !!!!!!!!!!!! xD

the scary thing is not the movie but the stupid cinema speaker....darn it....it's freakin me off...
it's makin those sounds as if it's gonna explode u noe...
those sparkles of fire sound =S creepy....
if explode i sure kena first....cuz i at the most side 1..... =O
summore watchin movie like F.D4 sure made me simply think more....
so at last me and Sze pindah to sit next to Bok....hahahhaha.....
still got those sound but at least less now...xD

tis time we didn't go to Pappa Rich...instead we went to Island Cafe....not bad la tat place....
we eat, chat, eat, chat.....played games and drank !

my drink ~ yummy....the taste reminds me of the tropicana or watever's the name ice-cream...i forgot...just member the outside is lime and inside is vanilla...xD

my meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~~~~~~~~~~~~ xD

the chicken and salad tat came together with my mee... :) yummy ! love the salad....and the chicken =P

a full view of my dinner....except some's looi's food and drink...xD

oops....forgotten to show pics around ~ wakakkakakakakka xD

there's a group of guys sittin behind our table...i found them kinda annoying though....
cuz they're like lookin non stop and tryin to ACT COOL when they're NOT...

don't u find that annoying too ?
the worse is....they smoke....I HATE SMOKERS !
back off ~ the smell is so disgusting....and they thought it's something cool and great i suppose.... tsk...tsk...tsk... LIFELESS ~

no comment...i rather continue my story...
alrite...then we played poker cards... i lost and was dared to sit alone at a table there...embarrassing though....but it's memory ~ hu cares whether it's embarrassing....
one day we'll be all laughing at all these things we did...
sze even took a pic of it...xD
haha.... then we continued....and Looi, Pf, Bok lost.....
we denda them to eat sugar...xD
we teared open a packet of sugar and poured onto their spoons asking them to eat it....but lotsa it fell onto the table....and we sapu all to the floor...xD
i wanted to post the pic up here...but they might kill me...so better not...xD
we even ordered beer later....they're selling it to us....xD
lol !
but we din order a lot just asked for one and play for fun...xD
loser drink ~ xD unfortunately, they misunderstand our meaning and brought us a bucket....
Sze lost too... her's dare was to ask for the beer....so she'll have to ask them to take the bucket away and oni leave one here....alrite...tats kinda embarrassing too....xD

the beer ~ and pei fern's peace sign finger....wakakkakakakaka....xD

later we went to looi's house for a while.... during the journey, i spoke something tat made everyone laughed with my broken hakka language....*blushed.... lol ! i kinda terlupa how to say the word and tembak one word oni.... Tang became Tiang....then kena frm them edi...xD

Sunday, 30th August 2009.

tat day we went out to dine at One Utama....with friends...it's a mini type of gathering ~
me, pui li , ade, kim, mandy, dickson, daniel, ken hoong, lionel and shahmim. 10 of us ! xD
it was a fun day indeed... :)
i went there earlier with pui li....hang gai gai ~~ xD
then later dickson joined us....
and we went to garden twice....lol ~ patah balik....haha...xD but then later it was full so we walked away too... =X

meet up with other ppl and went to Delicious to eat....deco there was kinda nice....looks comfy and classy ~ xD haha...
food was kinda delicious.... :) but at the same time expensive ... =X
and duh ~ lai's fav : snap pics ! weeeeeeeeeeee ~~~~~~~~~~~ =P
have a look at my master piece later ~ *wink ;)
lookin at the couple ------ so sweet ~~~~~~~~~~
suddenly so miss him ! =X whooops ~

pui li became so creative....we saw this food in the dessert section named Banoffee Pie...pui li wanted to try it at first but didn't manage to do so....
guess wat she said it was ? banana mixed with coffee ! hahahhahahahhahaa.....creativity beyond imagination rite ? xD
i've checked out how does the Banoffee Pie looked like....doesn't look like banana mixed with coffee to me at all tham ~ xD
then we enjoyed our delicious food and there we go....chit chatting all the time.....

speaking bout pui li's new jawatan as KP in our skool, how shahmim hated western food....xD
and bla bla bla....kim's goin around performin her "magic tricks" using poker cards....xD
the resit did gave us a shock though ...xD
total was RM 318.80 ! wow ....
*pui li's still havin the resit... xD keke...
even the tax money was about 5 bucks each already....imagine how costly was tat.... =S
daniel said something very funny later....

One of us : " Wah so expensive one ?! "
Daniel : " Of course la, it's DELICIOUS mah.... "

lol ~ get the joke ? wat he meant was not the food was delicious....is the cafe name was delicious... * note : i din meant tat the food isn't nice k....it was nice... :)
after tat, we went to ade's house for some game....
when we reached there ade isn't home yet....so me, pui li, mandy and lionel went over to the playground to play....
*rushed to the swing ! yay ~~~~~~~~~~ so fun =P
in ade's house, pui li tricked shahmim....
shahmim was talking behind daniel when daniel's outside the house....
so pui li lied bout daniel was standing behind him all the time....he believed and looked behind....he looked so blur.....imagine his looks wei....u can really laugh ! xD
later, we played cranium.... " a brainy game that requires u to use ur brain " LOL !

it's kinda like my church camp game though....got star performer where u act like someone while the others guess....one catogory requires ur grammar to be good, one's on art....see ur creativity....i must draw a bowling with my eyes closed while my team members guess...xD
lastly, general knowledge tat ask u question u've nvr thought of...xD like are scorpions imune to their own poison....xD

it's our third month anniversary.

i missed u so much. =3

me and mandy at Delicious ~ :)

let's laugh out loud ! xD

me and pui li ~ :D

oh, darn it ! i looked odd....skip !

can see pui li ? =P keke....

awwww....pui li ~ why put on tat pity look ? xD i din bully u aso...=P

smiling with tat silly expression of mine...xD

the lights there ~ nice huh ? =P

the place they prepare the drinks.... =)

come on dickson and pui li ~ dun be shy ! xD

oops....she looked blur =X

candid shot ! xD wakakakakaka....

shhhhhh.....i took this while she's not focusing ~ :P

wah ~ ladies....sedang cakap apa sana ah ? xD

the menu ! :]

wakakakkaka ! caught ya dickson ~ xD

stop hiding dickson ~

see ! i told u i edi caught ur pic ~ xD

play play oni ah...dun marah ya ~ =P

sleepy ? xD

lionel vs daniel ~ xD

here comes ken hoong ~

the waiting princess finally saw her prince arriving ~

what's everyone lookin at ? =O

laughing about ? something i forgot .... xD

why's daniel smiling and lionel frowning ? xD

candid ~ candid ~ candid ~

pui li's laughing ! :)

talk wat now ? why serious look geh ? xD

haha...playing poker cards in cafe ? xD

kim's performing her magic tricks ~ xD

awww ~ pui li's sweet smile ~ =P

daniel's eating....

mandy's eating spaghetti ~

ade's talking something to ken hoong....

enjoying dinner ~

changed place, changed target...xD

awww.... aren't they sweet ???

lookin at them made me miss him so much.... =X

hahahahha....so cute ! xD

fui yoh ~ our shahmim ! :P

sweet ones ~

gosh....lionel was soooooooo into the conversation with kim....xD

playing poker cards together... xD

discussin on using which cards... xD

berjudi ?!?!?

wow ~ they knew how to play....xD

candid again ~ xD

no face ?? xD

bagi la muka sikit...xD

hahahahhaa.....dun wan me to take pics still wanna peek...xD

gorgeous babe ! :P

wat's with those looks ? xD hahahahhahaha.....

taken by pui li . credited to u !

it's takin me ages to upload all these pics...xD

why all so stern ? XD

wow ~ so blur....

oops.....terclick ! =P

hor ! caught pui li berjudi !!!!! xD

quit peeking dickson....just put down ur hand and smile at the camera ~ xD

caught ur blur look again....wakakakakakaka....=P

no emotions ? cold-blooded fella ~ xD

haha ! the results of peekin....u r in the pic ! :P

shahmim checkin on his cards....

tham ~~~~~~~~~

it's kinda dangerous sitting near me....cuz i tend to take pics of u all non stop...xD

lights in cage....poor thing ~ xD

this is how the other chairs and tables were located....

reflection of those lights ~

my fork and knife ~ =P

mandy's fork and spoon ~

my glass of water with a slight hint of lemon taste....xD

my dessert ~ peach and banana crumble ! yummy ~~~ deli-cious ~ ;)

tham's drink ~ xD

pui li's seafood linguini !

pui li's set of dinner ~

wanna try ? xD

mandy's spaghetti ~

my classic beef lasagna ! absolute indulgence ~ :)

i love it's salad as well ~ =3

kim's shepherd pie ~

four cheese macaroni ~

Banoffee Pie = banana + coffee according to pui li...xD

evidence ! mandy didn't finish her food ~ wasting !!! xD

delicious ~ taken from behind the glass....so u must read it frm right to left...xD

mini jug ! kawaii ~

the bill of the day ~

shocking total....

jeez....look at the service charge and government tax.....

delicious ? xD

open ur eyes big big ~ ! xD

the bill is still with pui li....

delicious cafe ~

cakes parlour ~ xD

the place where we sat ~ :)

this is how the banoffee pie actually looks like pui li....xD

the cranium game ~ =P