*phew ~
finally, after exam edi ! heep heep hurray ~~~~~~~~~~ =P
gosh...i've been desertin my blog for quite some time edi... =X
soooooooo many things skipped n malas to write back..xD
wanna let the pics do the talkin...but if i post looi's pic....she gonna take the chopper for sure...xD
so i will just post some =P
enjoy ~~~~~~


oh ya ! forgot to mention....i did had a fright previously....
his whole family...erm kinda knew our relationship....
hopefully not negative reactions... =X
so ngam tat sunday i kinda get into tis "family lunch" thingy....
his dad, mum, grandma, me n him went to eat vegetarian food....
isn't tat a bit scary...i mean....i kinda CAN'T TALK....at least, afraid to do so....so we are sitting next to each other but communicatin usin sms.....
must jaga adat makan....dun dare to move much....have to take care my behaviour,looks,
i just wan them to like me....

and great, tat fella isn't helpin me....he's lookin at me and smiling non stop....even laughed at me...u ah ! watch out later....aagggrrrrrrhhhhhhh.....
but lol ~ i've got one video of his....superbly funny ! *the cat one...u noe wat i'm talkin han....=P wakakakkakakakak.....at least seeing tat cheers me up ~
SPM's comin soon edi....pray for those who are takin tis exam....GOD...i'm gonna face tis next year... just "how great?"
LUCKS to all of u ! study hard my darl ~ =] *muacks !
Gambateh ppl ! All the form 5's jia you !

goldfish !

emo ? no idea why...

ghastly manner ?

shhhhhhhhh.......it's late...

ok...that's odd...

camera's up !

how i love tis kind of lightings ~

the perfect us.
*embarrasing case: i happened to mistaken some real human as fake dolls... =X

into my world with camera ~ =P

snaps !

great time just with him. :)

i love takin pics ~

angel white ?

haha....he just won't let me take his pics....so i caught a glimpse of secret recipe instead ~

hold on to ur hands and never let go.

enjoyin drinks, enjoyin time ~

wakakakkaka ~ my food !

but delicious by miss.read taste better in my opinion ~

our drinks :)

who put the tissue there !!!!!!! arggghhh ! destroyed pic....

replacement for her b'day.


new lens ~ nudy blue eyes ! :)

loves him.

his gift ! =P thx darl ~

the only suvivor of our game ! bravo ~

poor audrey kept losing in our game....=X

oops....audrey's punishment !

haha....cute couple ~

cut and distributed ~

my cake ! =P yummy ~

amazing lights ~ xD

moon cake festival with birthday celebration ~

wow ~ nice !

happy birthday babe !

hsuet yee's cake ~

explaining game rules...

drink, drank, drunk ~

me and the birthday girl ~

love this ! :)

cheers. :)

me and mandy ~

snap shots !

cui lin ! love ya ~

me and audrey ~ i looked odd ! o.O

i love eu ! only eu !!

i love smiling ~

kissin cookie ? xD

snappin pics ! my fav activity ~

eating cookie made by sze. :) yummy ~

at looi's house.

preparin for looi's b'day party ~ :)

from seni paper u can get the followin...

special tattoo...

choc meltin on hand....i've to bring her toilet later...

aren't she cute ! so adorable ~

extra ~ pui mun bring back....xD

sze being caught droppin cake to the floor ! wasting !!! xD

equally distributed ~

haha...smart...scare the choc drop...tats y put on the fruit of the cake...xD

cut cake !

ke lian audrey burnt her hand....

lighting up cake ~ =]

she was sooooooooo not expecting this....awwww....touching ~ =P

oops....forgotten to rotate the pic...pui mun's b'day cake !

isn't it a beauty ? =)

esperiment's result ~

our crystals !

in KTM. squashy ~

me and looi. :)

i love tarts ! =P

hair being clipped up =X


at johnny's.

full of myself :P